5 Reasons why hotels must have an option of Web check-in/ out

October 05, 2021

Technology has made our lives easier and has proved to simplify our day-to-day operations.

Likewise, in the hospitality industry digital technology has taken over their daily operations and significantly improved the staff efficiency and retention rate.

In fact, a recent study revealed; to attract more guests, self-service technology will become important to 73% of hoteliers. Also, web check-in/out is one of the most demanded services by guests in the hospitality industry.

Prefme is a complete digital solution for hotels that allows guests to enjoy seamless and contactless services, including hassle-free web check-in /out along with the benefit of having a mobile key.

The top reasons why a hotel must offer web check-in/out facilities to its guests:

1) Increases guests’ convenience - Regardless of what age group your guests fall in, nowadays everyone is tech-savvy. Also, people generally are in a hurry and prefer convenient ways that can hasten their tasks. Your hotel giving them an option of web check-in/checkout can actually make it a lot more convenient for your guests as they can check-in and checkout with their own devices.

2) Reduces front desk queues - Your guests arrive at your property after a long and tiring journey. And providing them an option of bypassing the front desk queue by web check-in/out through their mobiles can allow them to relax and proceed with other things. A study also proved that web check-in and checkout can reduce a guest’s time consumption by 70%.

3) Reduce staff’s workload - Traditional check-in/checkout procedures keep the hotel’s front desks busy and sometimes the longer queues get overwhelming for the staff members too to handle. Deploying tech that can make this procedure digital can help a great deal in managing staff’s efforts too.

4) Up-selling services - If a guest is downloading an app for web check-in and checkout chances are they might end up using other digital services also that your hotel provides. Use this chance to promote and upsell all the other services and experiences provided by your hotel and in turn increase the hotel revenue. One app, a solution to all your problems.

5) Enhances guests’ satisfaction and promotes a contactless experience - Web check-in and checkout help you comply with the safety norms of the new normal. Not just this, it also maximizes guest satisfaction by saving their time, avoiding the hassle of standing in a queue, reducing touchpoints for them, and bringing everything to their devices.

Give your guests a memorable experience and gain their loyalty with a simple digital solution. No extra tools/hardware required. Book your free demo with Prefme now.

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