5 reasons you need hotel guest app post pandemic

November 1, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our lifestyle, exposing us to new challenges in the manner we meet and greet others and live our day-to-day lives. COVID-19 safety guidelines like social distancing are presenting the hospitality industry with unexpected challenges, forcing them to adapt to this new normal and follow all the safety guidelines/protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the guests and even staff.

But apart from these challenges, the pandemic is also providing the hotels an opportunity to review operations, incorporate technologically advanced solutions, and come back stronger and smarter. Even the hospitality giants feel that by quickly adapting to the contactless guest experience, your hotel can make a quick and impactful comeback. Apps like Prefme, that offer digital check-in, in-room dining, live-chat, and keyless hotel room entry, will become a major component of the hotel’s health and safety protocols in these critical times. Prefme enables guests to have everything they need on their own mobile phones. Post COVID-19 limiting the touchpoints is crucial for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of guests and employees and Prefme does just that.

Here we are listing the top 5 reasons why your hotel should embrace the mobile app for guests to give you an understanding of the benefits of embracing the technology.

A hotel guest app assists in reducing the touchpoints and puts everyone’s safety first

COVID-19 has made everyone more conscious and careful about their safety and health, and it is now everyone’s top priority. Hotel apps with features like contactless check-in/checkout, a mobile device as door key, and online live chat reduce the need for human interaction and at the same time help you in meeting customer expectations in hospitality.

A mobile app improves the guest experience by digitizing the complete guest journey

You can provide a personalized guest experience and make your guests feel special by enabling them to do almost everything from their mobile. Guests can use your hotel app to know about your property, discover and book services you provide, check your restaurant menu, and order food in their own rooms, and a lot more. Mobile apps also improve guest communication and reduce the delay in services or complaint resolutions which is usually very common in the hospitality industry.

Hotel app assists in increasing your hotel revenue and in-house spend

With a mobile app, you can create upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your hotel. You can promote special packages, seasonal offers, and deals at your spa and restaurant with push notifications and make your messages seen and acted upon. With an app, you can earn more from every booking by promoting spa/restaurant bookings and room upgrades. It allows your guests to easily order in-room service or additional items from their mobile phones.

Boost direct bookings with a hotel guest app

A technologically advanced hotel app allows you to get more direct bookings and cut down on OTA commission. Besides, the recent experience that customers had with OTAs for hotel and flight cancelations, refunds, etc. due to COVID-19 lockdown, they are now more inclined to make direct bookings with the hotel and avoid any such frustrating experience of a super occupied customer desk in future.

Save time and money

By digitizing your operations, you can save your staff’s time. With an app, your staff can focus on customer service and improving the guest experience. Besides, with smart analytics managing your inventory and understanding what your guests prefer in terms of dining and in-room services and facilities, you can easily cut down on the items that are nothing but an additional cost for your hotel. Also, by sharing bills and loyalty cards online you can limit the usage of paper and become more eco-friendly.

How Prefme can help you?

Prefme is a mobile app solution for hotels & resorts that enables you to take your guest experience a notch higher, that too without any capital expenditure. It is a user-friendly mobile app that helps hotels in streamlining their guest journey and offering personalized services leading to great customer reviews and more repeat bookings.

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