Is your Hotel prepared for the Travel Boom in the Decade of the Twenties?

May 19, 2021

Now is the time for all the hoteliers to prepare for the travel boom that this decade is going to witness. Being confined to homes for more than a year, the younger generation is supremely frustrated. This has diminished the spark of exuberance from their life and curtailed crucial life learnings that new travel experiences bring. As soon as the pandemic loses its grip, safe travel will be the next big bandwagon that everyone would want to climb. When you see the word “Vaccinated” on a number of social media profile pictures and hashtags, what does this really convey about the psychology of youth? It simply means that they want their life back, live with freedom, explore new places, and travel ceaselessly soon once the restrictions are lifted! Are you prepared for the Travel Boom in the Decade of the Twenties?

Hospitality Tech is not just keeping you safe, it’s getting you business!

Modern technology is not just a mark of safety that keeps you contactless and at bay from the virus, it is in fact an enabler that helps you attract more guests from all over the world. It ensures that your guests can relax at your hotel without any worries and can get services with minimal direct human contact. The post-pandemic world expects safe, effortless, and personalized experiences at hotels and restaurants. And for that, keeping up with the hospitality tech that opens gateways of the future and new revenue inflow is a must!

Expect a dramatic shift in mindset from a life of savings to a life of spending!

As the rolling out of COVID-19 vaccines is ramping up globally, experts from around the world are predicting a new travel surge that was never to be seen before. The vision of the future is living your life abundantly because events like the pandemic challenge people’s minds dramatically and make them realize the ethereal nature of life which can change so quickly. Life becomes so uncertain and nobody wants to lose a moment, rarely anybody wants to save for the future – living in the moment and relishing it, and savouring it to the fullest becomes the new mantra. And what better than travelling can bring this mantra to reality! Just like the post-pandemic times in the 1920s, we will witness a lot of liberal spending in a big spectrum of the world demographics.

The world will be glued to their smartphones, post the pandemic too!

This rebound in travel which is expected to last the entire decade or even more is where the opportunities are hidden for hotels and hospitality. The world is now habituated to smartphones completely, be it any generation, any ethnicity, any social group – that’s what their magic machine was while they were locked inside the homes during the pandemic and their only passage to connect to the world outside. If you want success for your hotel – you definitely have to have a presence on mobile. The ease of access to hotels and booking services while staying contactless is unparalleled. Contactless check-in/out, ordering food and dining safely in the comfort of hotel rooms, checking bills and making payments, and a lot more – a hotel app can completely turn around the perception that guests have for your hotel.

Delivering Safe, Seamless & Hyper-Personalized Guest Experiences!

Prefme is a guest-powered universal hotel app that provides highly customized experiences for travellers across the globe. Hotels need to become equally tech-savvy as their guests are and switch to smart tech solutions like Prefme to deliver a completely contactless guest experience. Prefme is like no other hotel app, not only it makes services accessible to guests via mobile but also allows hotels to differentiate their hospitality via hyper-personalization.

Being an all-in-one advanced hospitality solution, Prefme Partner lets hotels engage guests throughout the end-to-end digital journey - Pre, During & Post Stay. Moreover, hotels can promote their services, upsell & cross-sell, create new revenue streams, get more positive reviews online, enjoy more direct bookings, and reduce OTA commissions. It's the world’s first, plug-n-play universal hospitality-tech solution available without any capital expenditure for your hotel! So, get in touch with the Prefme team to gain access to limitless benefits for your hotel!

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