Is your Hotel ready to welcome American travelers?

June 16, 2021

The love for travel and the pain of not being able to travel have been the major components of the past year. With the announcement of vaccination all the travel buffs certainly had happy tears rolling down their cheeks.

For many Americans the wait is finally over!
As the US is making great progress in keeping the vaccine campaign on track in order to achieve herd immunity, it is estimated that upto 70 percent of the adults will get jabbed by mid of June. The EU has finally opened their doors welcoming all the Americans who are fully vaccinated to spend the summers.

This news brings a positive impact on the hospitality industry, meaning travelers will start to fly in numbers. The pandemic acted as a circuit breaker for the hospitality industry. It gave a chance to reassess and evaluate their consumer evolution. The post-covid era needs a shift from what the hospitality industry used to do before towards what now will attract the travelers.

Are you Safe & Hygienic? That’s what they want!

Safety and hygiene is the most crucial aspect that the hospitality industry needs to adhere to especially at this point in time. All the guests require a safe, secure and sanitized environment. They want to see the sanitization schedule, whether or not you are taking care of all the protocols, the food is made in a secured environment, etc. Displaying these processes will boost their confidence and increase your brand value.

Contactless Check-in and Check-out yet?

As per a market study, a good percentage of guests want to use their mobile for check-in and check-out. The pandemic has apparently made contactless the new cool! And of course, everyone wants to be at ease and avoid those long queues. It saves time, effort and makes the entire experience much more flamboyant.

Still stuck with those Key-Cards?

Luxury is a delight and to make one’s experience joyful and grandeur, hoteliers are always on their toes. The changing need requires a changing attitude. Many luxurious hotels and resorts have shifted to mobile key systems. No more hassle tassel of carrying a key card rather just using your mobile! It is an effective way to reduce the operational cost for the hotels and at the same time guests don’t have to worry about carrying anything in hand to access their room.

How will you let them know you got everything they need?

We got your back!

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Delight your guests with personalised experiences and gain their confidence by showcasing your sanitation schedule. What are you waiting for? Offer your guests the best stay experience they could ever ask for!

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