A comprehensive guide to personalization in hotel marketing

November 24, 2020

Are you able to give your guests the type of personalization they expect from your hotel?

Today, personalization is not just a buzzword or a trend, it is the need of the hour, at least this is what these stats say:

86% of consumers reported that personalization plays a role in their buying decisions.

48% of consumers said they purchase more when marketers leverage their interests and buying behaviour to personalize their experience

94% marketers say personalization is important to meet their current marketing objectives

Personalization can deliver 5 to 8 times the ROI

So, as a hotelier you can’t ignore this latest digital marketing tactic. Today, personalization is everywhere from personalized suggestions on Google search to targeted ads on social media and customized offers on regular purchases. Offering personalized guest experience to customers not just works as an effective marketing tool but assists in developing brand loyalty.

So, how can hotels provide personalized guest experience to increase repeat bookings and get amazing reviews? In this blog post, we will discuss why basic personalization just doesn’t cut it any longer, and how you can improve the personalized experience that you are offering to your guests.

The primary step that you can take towards personalization is, begin to refer your guests by their names in all your digital communications. This makes your guests feel that they are not just another patron in your hotel but an important and recognized guest.

53% of consumers say it is important that retailers recognize them as the same person across all channels and devices that they use to connect with you.

Changing the way you address your guests is surely important for individual experience but you need to take further steps to personalize guest experience in order to ensure customer delight. But further steps need further information about your guests and potential guests. But the question that arises here is how willing they are to share the necessary details with you? Surprisingly,

83% of consumers are willing to share their data to get personalized guest experience. Besides,

62% of consumers say it’s acceptable for companies to send personalized offers/discounts based on items they’ve already purchased.

Knowing that your guests trust you with their personal information and are happy to share in return of a personalized experience makes it simpler to suffice guest expectations. But collecting data and then deciding details, you should be focusing on curating a customized guest experience which is the real challenge.

Hotel guests now expect customization in almost every aspect of their stay, from transportation to bed features and the floor type. This extends to specifying what facilities they want to use during their stay like pre-defined breakfast for 3 on their arrival, spa visit on day 2 and a yoga session on day 3, etc. But not having all this data or having the inaccurate data would clearly be a stumbling block to any hotel’s attempt to offer personalized experiences.

47% said inaccurate data is one of the biggest challenges to personalization

40% said not having enough data was a huge challenge


32% of brands said lack of relevant technology is a major challenge to their personalization efforts

46% of companies say legacy technology are major barriers to their personalization efforts

Personalizing guest experience with inaccurate data is a sure-shot way of achieving the exact opposite of what you want. Remember your aim is to provide tailored and relevant experiences, but if you will be basing your decisions on the wrong information then wrong experience will be curated.

All these stats clearly suggest that personalization is the need of the hour but there are roadblocks and in order to respond to the increasing popularity of personalization, hotels need a smart hotel experience solution that empowers hoteliers by collecting the accurate data and accordingly personalizing guest stay to their taste. Prefme is one such solution that is made to order for the hospitality industry and caters to all the current challenges and assists you in pulling and analyzing data for your individual guests, rather than presenting you with a randomly collected guest data.

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