All about guests’ convenience with digital check-in

December 28, 2021

As 2021 almost comes to an end why don’t we this year try and make a guest’s journey easier than ever before. Aren’t the hoteliers always concerned about their guests’ convenience and comfort? Well! After booking a hotel the first step for the guests is checking in at a property. And none of us is unaware of how lengthy and tiresome the traditional check-in procedure is. It actually has a pretty historic routine that a lot of hotels are sticking to even today. But with the onset of digital hotel tech, even guests’ behaviour and needs are rapidly changing. And according to a study, when asked what makes a good hotel stay, 90% of millennials said they would be interested in checking-in in a hotel via their smartphones. So, here we give you reasons to ditch the practice of following the traditional check-in process and opt for the digital one rather.

1) Traditional check-in: Guest enters and heads to the reception
Digital check-in: Reduces queue at the reception

For a very long time, check-ins have been like this only but do you think your guests are satisfied with something that looks simple only on paper and is actually more tiring and lengthier? All they seek today is comfort and convenience and that can certainly come will the introduction of the digital check-in process at your property. Digital check-in de clutters your front desk and allows your guests to skip the reception for checking in to your property.

2) Traditional check-in: Guest IDs and details verification
Digital check-in: Everything’s done before arrival

Studies have shown that the guests who have used their mobile phones for check-in/out have had a higher level of satisfaction. Adoption of digital check-in over traditional check-in process allows hotels to integrate smart capabilities like digital ID verification, mobile capture, and data auto-population into the hotel’s app. This way hotels can leverage the usage and adoption of their mobile apps, and above all deliver an extremely satisfying guest experience along with preventing the risk of ID frauds.

3) Traditional check-in: Handover key cards or keys
Digital check-in: Mobile key access to rooms

Key cards had a brilliant functionality in the hotel industry once, but as the technology and guests’ needs progressed, we even got to see the other side of it that had few disadvantages in spite of it being cheap and reliable. Now by offering mobile keys hotels can reduce the amount of energy and time the front desk spends checking in guests and focus more on providing personalized attention and service. Not just these, mobile keys are cost and time-saving.

4) Traditional check-in: After a lengthy process guest proceeds to the room
Digital check-in: Comes in & directly heads to the room

The majority of travelers would be interested in enjoying the perks of online check-in. And why not! After all, who wants to spend time and energy standing in long queues at the reception for heading towards the room after a long and tiresome journey. No one, right? Digital check-in appeals to the guests’ need of convenience, freedom, and empowerment. Once the web check-in is done, guests can eliminate the need of visiting the front desk and directly head to their rooms to relax and enjoy.

Digital check-ins can truly ease up the process for hotels as well as guests. With the above benefits in the light and looking at the rapidly increasing demands of guests for a contactless hotel technology post-pandemic, providing online check-in can enhance the overall guest experience. So, this New Year takes a pledge to keep up with all the changing guests’ demands and requirements and introduce to them a solution that’s easy and hassle-free for them. Well, Prefme Partner can be the year’s blessing for your property. A one-stop solution for all your hotel technological requirements right from an online booking platform to digital checkouts. Interested to know more?

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