Attract good value clientele with the following tips

August 24, 2021

Following a year and a half of lost travel, a lot of people are looking forward to new travel affairs in 2021. Most of them are more excited than ever to pack their bags and leave homes, explore new destinations, hunt for desirable work locations, and come back with a lot of good memories. However, the vaccination drives across the globe are a huge step forward towards boosting the travelers’ confidence. In such a situation of the increased travel demands, even the hoteliers are expected to brace themselves up to meet guests’ upgraded safety and hygiene needs. So, let’s delve deep into knowing how hoteliers can ace their guest experience game by making just a few changes, in turn getting them good value clientele!

Know your guests’ preferences

Who doesn’t like personalisation! Now that the guests’ have taken a 180-degree turn even you would want to gain fair insights about their travel preferences and behaviour. These days there are various digital hospitality tech solutions available that a property can use to know guests’ varied preferences when it comes to their diet, stay, fly or commute choices.

The best tech solution to use for your property in order to provide hyper personalized guest experience is Prefme. It is a smart and easy to use tool that connects guests and hotels digitally. Prefme empowers its partners with their guests preferences and lets them offer a safe, personalised, contact-free, and remarkable experience. The app has an option of storing users’ preferences as widely as starting from their dietary regime, food allergies, to the types of mattress and pillows, choice of their room fragrances, preferred room temperature, room view to their fly preferences that include flight timings, class and more.

Digitalise hotel operations

There can be a lot of ways to promote your property but always lay more emphasis on how updated your hotel is with the modern trends. Well! Not all technological advancements cost you a bomb. One such upgrade that can be a good sales magnet for your property can be going digital with zero capital expenditure. The post-COVID era is an era of contactless and more digitised services. And now even your guests would expect the same from you. So, why not address their apprehensions with a seamless solution.

Yes, you got it right! Prefme is ‘the seamless solution’ that helps hotels go digital. Imagine your guests will now have options of digital Check-in, Checkout, digital ID verifications, mobile room keys, booking a service online, in-room dining, multilingual chats and all of these just on one tap. Prefme makes life a lot easier for both the guests and the hoteliers.

Apart from these solutions, ensure regular sanitisation of rooms and physical touchpoints. Additionally, you can also reduce or eliminate physical contact, improve guest satisfaction, boost staff efficiency, increase occupancy rate with just a smart platform like Prefme. Simultaneously, it is more about personalisation and customer service as well. With Prefme go above and beyond to provide excellent service pre, during, and post stay of your guest.

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