Benefits of having a live chat feature for your hotel

April 22, 2022

A recent survey reveals that about 41% of customers prefer live chat, with the phone, email, and social media, ranking below it. Especially in the post-pandemic era, hotels are more concerned with their guests’ health and safety and therefore have been embracing innovative ways to keep up with these changed hospitality norms.

The hospitality industry solely functions on the guest experience. With time, enhancing this experience helps the hotels to thrive. So, this time, we are here with - live chat!

A live chat feature for guests can work wonders, especially at such times, with which you can hook your guests to explore your property (in a way that’s an up-sell opportunity for you to increase your revenue), providing them with best class experience by responding to their respective queries spontaneously or as we like to say in no time, and a lot more can be achieved. Read along as we put forth a few advantages of having a live chat feature for your property.

1. Promptly respond to guest queries It’s best when someone replies to you instantly, the feeling is unmatched, specially when you need assistance. You know what! Now you actually can let your guests have this satisfactory feeling. Answer your guest’s simplest queries 24×7 and increase their satisfaction level combined with a bonus of their trust in your property. With live chat, managing common queries, check-in support, and special needs, if any, becomes effortless. The number of tickets also reduces to a large extent. On the other hand, Guest information and basic details like name, place, email, etc. can be collected and referred to, for future guest relations management and communication. Not just this, but in case any queries need to be addressed by a specific team, the connect manager can transfer them to the right team, avoiding redirections and saving a lot of time and unnecessary efforts of the staff.

2. Real-time interaction Giving your property a competitive edge is the need of the hour. And a live chat for hotel websites can be a game-changer. Guests have the option of choosing a similar experience from the innumerable choices the internet has gifted them with. Hence real-time interaction helps you keep your guest engaged and prevents him or her from churning out from your network. Out of the myriad of benefits that live chat can reap your property, one is providing instant real-time support at a much lower cost.

3. Promote upsells to guests As for a hotel or resort ‘Live chat’ is a great way to prompt upsells to guests, give additional deals on service bookings, food ordering, personalized offers, and a lot more. A chat window makes it easier for guests to quickly clarify doubts and understand which offer suits their needs the best. This in turn gives guests a sense of ease and personal touch and elevates their experience.

4. Deliver a personalized experience Giving your guests a personalized experience can be the best user-engagement hotels and resorts can provide. With global boundaries blurring, timelines have also blurred. You might have someone in Austria wanting to book your property in India for a heritage travel experience and would want someone to give them details of the itinerary, cost, travel details, etc. at a time suitable to them. Live-chat provides this one-on-one experience that the hospitality industry can take advantage of. Not just this if a guest’s queries or doubts are answered well in time, it certainly makes them feel valued and special at the same time.

A live chat indeed can make a real difference in your hotel’s guest satisfaction, conversion, and retention. If you also feel the same way, then why wait to get a seamless chat solution for your property! Prefme Partner’s live Multilingual Chat feature allows your staff to communicate in more than 120 languages with your guests. Not just this, it always offers you easy translations with just one swipe. Wish to get this amazing feature at zero capital expenditure? Get in touch with us right now, and explore other contactless features like online check-in/out, in-room dining, service bookings, and a lot more. Book a free demo now!

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