Capture more Bleisure Travelers with these strategies

May 20, 2022

Wondering what Bleisure travel is all about? Well, if you think it’s mixing business with leisure, you got it right! And if you’re part of the hospitality industry, the information in this blog is meant just for you. Bleisure travel is an excellent opportunity for hotel and resort owners to extend their hospitality and product offerings to someone who’s a keen traveler and likes to mix work with some leisure. It’s a perfect mix for a great work-life balance, where one doesn’t hesitate to travel for business, rather looks for opportunities to extend travel for some post-work hiking, attending events or visiting other avenues that offer a break from regular mundane activity.

Numbers speak for themselves and in the case of Bleisure travelers, more than 80% said that they prefer to extend their stay at the same hotel which they choose for their business trip. How does the Bleisure traveler differ from the usual holidaymaker? What strategies can hotels employ to attract them? How can they target this niche category of travelers who are on the rise? We have answers to all your questions, right here-

Create the right environment
Creating the right working environment for the professionals on the go can get your property extra attention from Bleisure travelers. And here we mean all equipment like laptops, chargers, battery back-up, a high-speed internet, etc. to facilitate meetings and conferences plus suitable spaces to hold them. By giving attention to this set of guests’ minutest needs, you can build their trust in your property.

Cater to all guest needs under one umbrella
When you offer all amenities to your guests, they prefer it over running after small things to different places and feeling lost and unorganized in the process. By putting together a bouquet of offerings, like boarding, lodging, dining, conference and board room spaces, and stationery under one umbrella, you make it easier and more fulfilling for your guests and retain them for further visits. Rest assured that a satisfied guest will help spread goodwill in the market and create a chain of growing business and bleisure travelers for you.

Offer exciting and relaxing activities
These should be made available, both on and off your property. While on-property offers like a bar in the swimming pool, gaming zones, etc. can make your place an inviting one, you get great upsell opportunities off your property like camping, hiking, bungee jumping, and much more, which can help your Bleisure traveler relax. The larger your network with aligned services, the higher the probability of the number of guests you will attract.

Bring all hotel services to their smartphones
While traveling, every minute counts for business travelers. And right when we have highlighted all other aspects of making your property the best one for bleisure travelers, it’s time to talk about the need of the hour- technological advancement. Introducing a mobile app for your guests can simplify their lives beyond your imagination and bring all the services to their fingertips. This not only saves them a lot of time but is also convenient and seamless for them.

Having said that, we would like to introduce to you the most powerful digital and contactless guest experience solution- Prefme Partner that this segment of travelers is going to love. Right from Online Check-in to Online Checkout along with In-room food ordering, service bookings, chat, and a lot more can be on your guest’s smartphone with Prefme Partner. This solution not only enhances your guests’ experience but also increases staff efficiency. Wish to explore more? Book a free demo with us right now!

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