Contactless technology in hospitality to build guest trust

November 10, 2020

The world we live in is rapidly changing and technology has helped us stay connected to our personal and professional lives from the comfort of our homes. Technology will play an integral role in supporting and protecting us as we will be venturing out and slowly resuming our favorite activities like travelling with friends and family.

But now even those familiar events like hotel stays will provide an altogether different experience as hoteliers need to follow COVID-19 regulations and safety protocols to ensure complete safety of guests and meet their expectations. Hotels need to look for contactless hospitality solutions that not just make guests feel safe during the stay, but also promote personalized guest experience.

Due to this reason contactless hotel solutions have become the need of the hour. Though contactless is not a new concept, before COVID-19 took over the world it was more of a luxury rather than a necessity. Additionally, the health guidelines issued by WHO have forced hoteliers to re-evaluate their operations.

Solutions that inspire guest confidence

Room occupancy rates have slipped by 40-50% due to Coronavirus, and now when things are returning to normal and people are again starting to travel and make hotel bookings, the hotels want to leave no stone unturned to ensure guest satisfaction and improve their revenues. A study was conducted to measure the change in guest preferences after COVID-19 and here we are listing few of its major findings.

Study was conducted on seven thousand travellers out of which -

  • 62% said they would prefer to check-in through a hotel stay app
  • 80% said they would use a hotel app that would give them all the hotel information and allow them to check-in and check-out online
  • 73% would use a hotel app if it will enable them to open the door of their hotel room

In another study, it was found that 84% of guests agreed that following social distancing protocols in the hotels will be a deciding factor when choosing the next hotel for the upcoming tour. According to the same study the top three changes that would make guests feel more comfortable while staying in a hotel are:

  • 35% said contactless payments will make them feel more comfortable
  • 26% said digital hotel room keys will make them feel more comfortable
  • 20% said digital messaging services will make them feel more comfortable

The hotel industry executives were also part of the same survey and almost 60% were already using or considering using digital door unlocking. While, more than 70% said self-service technology will be a key player in assisting guests while reducing unnecessary contact and 67% said that they are already using or considering self-service check-in methods.

How to meet guest expectations and establish industry leadership

The secret to meeting guest expectations in the present scenario as well as in the future is to leverage an advanced contactless hotel solution that presents guests with the choice of limiting human interaction when staying in your hotel. Surely, online check-in and digital keys are at the top of the list of guest expectations for their hotel experience in these times. The smart hotel solutions like Prefme will also benefit hotels in the long run as industry trends have been pointing in this direction for several years.

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