Digital ID verification - The smart way of securing guests’ information

August 03, 2021

With the rise in usage of mobile tech in the hospitality industry, digital ID verification will become a base for protection against fraud.

As mobile technology and contactless services are now an essential part of the new normal in the hospitality industry, with it comes new kinds of security concerns. With the upcoming trends, challenges, and changes, what we can expect in hospitality tech may not be as charming or charismatic as the mobile keys and contactless check-in, checkout processes rather security and protection of guests and hotels from digital frauds will play a significant role.

As part of the check-in process, global travellers are required to provide their passports at the front desk for the purpose of making a physical copy. It’s here, where mobile check-in’s have captured major attention and audience. Mobile tech has made the procedure more safe (of course from a viewpoint of COVID-19), easy, and convenient for both guests and hotel staff. The process of ID verification is an important part (be it physical or digital) as this safeguards guests’ and hotel’s interest.

The reason why ID verification tech is gaining attention is because it has replaced the physical need of filling forms and information and has cut down a lot of steps for both guests and staff. Hoteliers are legally bound to keep proper records, paperworks of their guests and by blending ID verification into a mobile check-in process, the entire required information is automatically entered into hotel’s records. And on top of that hotels don’t have to worry about losing papers anymore.

When we talk about securing information, what we mean is with digital ID verification, the guests are more likely to be protected from malicious attack at a larger scale through encryption and additional authentication. A strong check and control can be established by the hotels on attempts of identity theft.

Digital ID verification comes with the following benefits:

If the scammer is aware that they have to verify their identity, this knowledge discourages them from taking any further steps;

Hotels can cross check details with the ID and photo to double check;

In case of any criminal activity, the hotels can share the photo and ID’s with the police;

No one wants to face such a situation but as they say, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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