Direct Bookings! Not a distant dream anymore!

November 09, 2021

Every booking source has its own advantages and challenges. But direct bookings have become a vital part of every hotel’s distribution mix. Promoting direct bookings can prove to be one of the viable strategies if thought from a perspective of increasing revenues and conversion rates. There can be several approaches through which you can drive direct bookings, listed below are a couple of them.

1) Leverage traffic from social media : Generally, a website is the number one source of direct bookings for hotels. But along with that hotels must take advantage of the traffic that they get through other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google ads etc. Social media has given brands an opportunity to showcase themselves visually stronger than ever in the form of pictures, videos, and other creatives, so why not make optimum use of it! Hotels can also think of promoting direct bookings using various hospitality tech solutions.

2) Adopt a mobile-friendly approach: It’s no news that most of the customers and traffic come through smartphones only. Hotels should ensure that their websites are equally responsive on mobiles as well as computers. Guests expect a quick and immediate resolution to their queries and seek a solution through which they can remain connected with the hotels throughout their travel journey: pre-during-post their stay. Hence, adopting technology that’s mobile-friendly is important.

3) Propose more direct booking benefits: If too many offers overwhelm a guest, it creates decision paralysis and can impact your sales. However, you must focus more on offering up-sell and cross sell opportunities to increase direct bookings. These offers can be a free upgrade on availability, complimentary breakfast, a discount voucher for the next stay, loyalty program, and a lot more.

4) Embracing hotel technology: Post COVID there has been an increase in demand for contactless technology. Deploying one at your property can help you get more bookings. All you have to do is market it well across all the platforms mentioning how it enhances guests’ overall experience at each step and makes it seamless for them.

Well, Prefme Partner is a one-stop solution to all of the above and much more. Right from getting direct bookings to a complete contactless solution, Prefme has it all. To encourage direct bookings you can also send personalized push notifications to guests, upsell, stay connected 24*7 through multilingual chat, offering In-room dining, and a lot of other things through Prefme Partner. Wish to have this amazing solution? Get in touch right now.

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