4 ways a hotel app can help you in streamlining operations

December 24, 2020

For ages, the hospitality industry has been relying on paper-based processes for almost everything, be it getting the details of the guests to accepting payments and doing check-ins and checkouts. But it is high time now, like many other industries even the hotel industry needs to make this very important switch and go digital by adopting smart hotel solutions.

Here are 4 ways that the hospitality industry can benefit from a contactless hotel solution -

Limit the use of paper and multiple payment efforts

Generally, it is the paper problem that instigates businesses to start looking for alternate payment methods. The accounting team usually doesn't realize but they use more paper than anyone else. Reducing paper dependency is not only for “green-conscious” companies. Removing paper from the processes means you can get payments approved and done digitally, more conveniently, and quicker. In the hotel industry, multiple transactions are done in a day and the use of pen and paper makes the whole process very lengthy and complicated. Moving to a digital process not only saves time but also cuts down human errors. Besides, today when all the industries are trying to reduce the touchpoints, there can be no better time than now to move to digital transactions.

Prepare meaningful reports by consolidating data

When you have one centralized digital place to look for guest preferences, room inventories, and guest trends, preparing meaningful reports becomes super easy. The best hotel app works like a central point where hoteliers can check what types of rooms are most liked by their guests or what type of activities they like to indulge in when travelling for leisure and what is the most ordered dish from their kitchen and with so many details they can easily create offers and packages to attract more visitors and increase their bookings. You always had data at your disposal but with these apps, you can easily create reports out of it and improve your operations and strategies for better guest engagement.

Improve operations and concierge efficiency

The hotel concierge app allows the efficient organization of daily operations, planning, collaboration, and booking of experience for the concierge. Despite the fact that guest experiences are so important, concierges still use traditional and outdated methods to manage and promote the hotel activities. Excel sheets, leaflets, and limited information on the website of the hotel, all demoting the overall experience a guest has during the stay consequently reducing efficiency and in the long run ROI. But a hotel app allows your team to have better collaboration, reduce downtime, allow bookings online, and monitor the overall performance of your hotel’s experiences.

Increase direct bookings

If you have always been concerned about the OTA commissions and wanted to cut down the same, then a hotel app is the best solution. The guest can easily know about your property, facilities, services, etc. and make the bookings then and there. This will also enable you to promote your services, create more upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and lure guests with personalized packages.

So, wait no more and equip your hotel with Prefme’s contactless hospitality technology to take your hotel operations and guest experience a notch higher.

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