Get your restaurant’s menu on your guests’ phones

March 26, 2021

Since forever guests were presented with printed menu cards to find a dish that can satisfy their hunger. But today when hotels are trying to put everything on the guest’s smartphone, why not introduce the digital menus too. Besides, when the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the processes and operations in hotels drastically, it is time to eliminate the communal menus in restaurants.

This may sound strange, but menus are usually the most germ-riddled item in the entire restaurant, according to research. Customers come in, pick them up, pass them around, and leave them on the table for the next customer. As a hotel that is doing everything in the pandemic to ensure the safety and well-being of the guests, menu safety should also be on your priority list. With the guest app, revising menu formats to fit the new reality we live in is very easy and quick.

Even in the guidelines released by the CDC for reopening the restaurants, it was suggested to avoid using or sharing items like menus and rather use digital or disposable menus. The guidelines of the National Restaurant Association suggest restaurants get friendly with technology and go for mobile ordering. Moreover, today many restaurants and hotels are offering digital menus, so in order to stay in the game and give tough competition to your competitors, it is important to go with the trend and opt for digital menus.

Another trend that is being seen in this context is that lot of restaurants are offering simple disposable menus, due to the old established fact that paper is cheaper than top hotel apps. But thankfully this is no longer a fact, thanks to hotel operations app like Prefme. Prefme’s In-Room-Dining feature allows your guests to not just access the menu card digitally on their phones but also to place orders and get sumptuous food delivered in their rooms. This great feature not just helps you adhere to the CDC guideline of using a digital menu but also to maintain a safe distance amongst guests and hotel staff.

In order to reduce contact touchpoints, more restaurants are keeping their menus completely digital. Many already used digital menus as large-screen displays near the counter or bar. But, today when maintaining the social distance is crucial, it is essential to avoid mass gatherings even if it is just to access the large screen digital menu. The digital menu in the luxury hotel app can be updated in seconds without the hassle of getting new menus printed every time you add new dishes or change pricing or stop serving any particular dish.

So, wait no more and get the Prefme app now to make your menus completely digital.

About Prefme Partner

The Prefme app thrives on the concept of enabling hotels to deliver contactless and hyper-personalized guest experiences. Prefme is the world’s first universal hotel app that allows your guests to do more than just online check-ins and checkouts. With Prefme, your guests can order food in their rooms, chat with hotel staff, while at the same time giving you access to their in-depth eating and staying preferences to completely personalize the in-room amenities, ambience, meals, and much more. This novel concept is the most tech-friendly solution that helps to make travel and stays completely contactless, safe, and seamless. Moreover, you can get all this without any capital expenditure. So, contact us now to get started.

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