Go mobile to ensure a safer guest experience post the pandemic

February 16, 2021

Even before the pandemic, people who were managing and running hotels wanted to have a better and smarter way of serving their guests. This requirement gave rise to a mobile solution named Prefme that could be used on a phone or tablet. While it was of great assistance before the pandemic, now it has become a vital tool to have in the world of COVID-19. With the Prefme Partner app, you will be able to manage all of your guests efficiently.

The Prefme app makes things easier for the staff, the management, and even the guests. Let’s discuss how going mobile can assist and why it is a benefit when serving guests in a pandemic.

Contactless check-in and checkout at the hotel

One of the key reasons people are hesitating in checking in at hotels in the current scenario is because they are concerned if they will be able to maintain a safe distance from other people. This is especially true when it comes to hotel check-in and checkout at the front desk. The front desk or reception area is usually filled with people who want to check-in or checkout of the hotel. Even before COVID-19 times, people hated to wait in long queues in the reception area and now they don’t just find it cumbersome but also worrying. With the hotel guest app, this becomes faster, easier, and contactless.

Service bookings are easier

Your guests might want to book your services. Perhaps they want to book a session in your spa or a yoga training in your Yoga Studio. Previously, the guests would simply contact your front desk and ask them to make the bookings. However, today things are not as straightforward! They want to maintain social distance and they may not want to access everything they need in the same manner. Fortunately, with the hotel app, you can facilitate guests to book hotel services such as spa, golf, yoga & more and create upsell & cross-sell opportunities. Today, when hotels are struggling to increase revenue, upsell and cross-sell will give it a boost.

Coordinating with hotel staff becomes super-easy & safe

Management of the front desk and other sections of the hotel is as simple as ensuring better check-in and checkout. You can help your staff and make it easier for them to serve guests without worrying about social distancing norms or without your guests feeling ignored due to new safety protocols. The guests can chat with staff and even the staff can interact with each other too in multiple languages. This means they can choose their preferred language and talk to the other person (guest/staff) without any hesitation.

People still want to Travel - Give them a personalized guest experience

In the past few months, things have changed significantly and this new normal is going to be with us for some more time. And people all across the globe have accepted it and are getting back to their routine which also includes travelling. So, make sure that your hotel is geared up to welcome them and give them an experience that they expect and moreover what they need in today’s times. The ultimate aim of Prefme is to ensure that you can serve your guests while keeping a safe environment. Contact us now for a free demo!

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