Grow Revenue through QR Codes

August 31, 2021

QR codes have taken the hospitality industry by a storm. Wherever you go, including any bistro or restaurant, when you look around, you tend to see these QR Codes being used as a menu, a source of sharing information, for billings, etc. Honestly, to imagine a restaurant or hotel visit without seeing a QR Code display is quite not possible. Just a glance around and you see at least one such recognizable signage being used for spreading information and/or marketing purposes.

QR Codes are a great tool that provides quick and easy access to information. All a person has to do is, SCAN!!! And yes! It’s done. The information is shared!!! QRs offer a wide variety of opportunities that hotel properties can use to drive revenue, know the customer preferences, and improve the overall guest experience by evaluating the stats.

No kidding, QR Codes can be used as a way of improving guests’ service experience. Hotels can display these in:

  • Rooms as a tent cards
  • Elevators for giving access to information
  • At the concierge desk
  • Restaurants & Cafes

From the above places, the QR code can divert guests to the hotel’s website, blogs, menus, latest events, restaurants list, tips, attractions and what not. The guests can also be navigated to the social media pages. This is one of the most simple ways of increasing the guest service level in any property, and not just that, but also a strategy to increase the on-property sales by directing guests (including Non-Checked-in) towards experiences, spas, restaurants and cafes.

Prefme Partner is a new-age digital hospitality tech designed to solve the needs of the hospitality industry without spending a single penny on capital expenditure. We have features like QR code scanners that the property can create via our application, what’s-in feature that enables the guests to check food ingredients, and many more cool features that will surge up the revenue of properties.

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