Guests expect seamless online ordering experiences

January 12, 2021

The in-room dining is the future of hotel restaurants. Mobile and online ordering is crucial for the success of your restaurant. After the pandemic, the question is no longer if you should enable in-room dining with an in-app food menu but how to optimize it best.

Transforming your guest experience means transforming your understanding of the people you serve. So, what do they want? Today’s guests are collaborative, social, tech-savvy, health-conscious, hyperconnected, and super-busy. They don’t like to wait and in today’s scenario no matter what they don’t want to compromise on their health. They are likely to value and come back to hotels that don’t make them wait and ensure their safety in the pandemic. Travellers today are hyperconnected and if your hotel allows them to use technology for placing an order and dine-in in their rooms keeping the physical contact with your staff and other guests limited, then they will come back 6% more often and spend 20% more every time.

Let’s discuss how contactless guest experience can help to secure the next-generation customer

Customers expect mobile ordering

In a survey of 2000 guests, 70% expect the website of the restaurant to provide online ordering, while 76% expect that the restaurant must have a mobile app with online food ordering feature. The hotel app is no longer a luxury but a necessity!

Customers tend to spend more when ordering online

When ordering online, a majority of guests place an order for items they didn’t initially plan to order and spend more on their total order which for you means a higher check amount. Besides, today in pandemic, buffets and huge dining areas are a big no-no, so in order to adhere to WHO guidelines and keep your guests satisfied, it is important to make almost everything accessible in the safety and comfort of guests’ rooms.

In-app ordering provides needed convenience

In a survey, it was found that online ordering provides convenience that builds strong brand allegiance. Guests today expect a frictionless and seamless ordering experience. If you already have an online food ordering app then you must now invest time in optimizing it and if you are still thinking that if a food ordering app is actually required for your hotel then stop thinking and start acting towards getting the best hotel app! An all-inclusive app not only allows your guests to place orders for food online but do a lot more like online check-in, checkout, service booking, and even chat with your executives to keep the physical contact as minimal as possible in these tough COVID-19 times.

Remember, it is vital to translate your knowledge of your guests into making them your repeat guests. Besides, it doesn’t have to involve a teardown of your previous practices and assumptions, it means knowing their needs, wants, characteristics, and preferences to formulate a strategy and follow methods that can cater to them and suffice guest expectations in your hotel. So, wait no more and get on the bandwagon with Prefme. Call us now for more details.

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