Here’s how hotels can use technology for a better guest experience

OCTOBER 20, 2020

Technology has impacted all realms of the various industries equally. It won’t be wrong to say that today there is no industry that is not leveraging the benefits of the latest technologies, not just to keep upbeat with the latest market trends but also to increase productivity, efficiency and in turn overall ROI. The hotel industry is no exception in this regard, so if anybody considers technology in hotels as a luxury then it is high-time they check the facts. Today, technology is part and parcel of every successful hospitality business model, thus it is essential to understand its role in the guests’ hotel experience.

Technology has revolutionized the way we travel. Travelers today, irrespective of the generation they are a part of, use smartphones. They seek convenience, automation and speed in almost everything and a wonderful experience built around them. Not too much to ask for, correct?

Here we are discussing 3 simple yet effective ways in which new technology in hotels can improve your services:

Expedite the check-in process

The internet provides users with everything at their fingertips, from web check-in for airlines to booking cabs. However, leaders of the hospitality industry are observing that the hotel industry is strangely analog compared to other aspects of the personal vacation or business trip. But thankfully now this is starting to change. Not just one but numerous hotels are now allowing their guests to check-in to their hotel rooms online like they would check-in for an airline. They check-in through their smartphone, choose a room (just like choosing a seat on an airplane), and then also access their rooms through the smartphone. So, an online check-in process means no need to wait at the front-desk and get the hotel card to unlock your room. This keyless check-in & checkout also streamlines the guest experience and assists your tired guests to get in their rooms without any delay or tedious procedure. Moreover, this gives guests the luxury to choose the rooms they want.

Quicker customer support with multilingual Chat

When users use your hotel app, they have various questions they want quick answers to. At this point, they look for support from the hotel’s end with call and email support. While these types of support are widely used, having a multilingual live chat feature in your app can do wonders. Unlike typical live chat or chatbot feature, multilingual chat allows your global guests to get in touch with your hotel staff personally and have a more clear and detailed discussion about their needs. This real-time support system is much easier and faster way to handle guest queries. The quicker and better your customer support is, the better impression it will form, leading to higher booking chances. It also assists in creating a lasting impression, which in turn leads to positive word of mouth publicity.

Facilitate personalization

All guests cherish a personalized touch in their stay and thanks to solutions like Prefme, it has never been easier to know the eat and stay preferences of your guests. For curating a personalized experience for your guests, you need a perfect combination of technology and services. Before Prefme, in order to personalize the guest experience, you were required to study the data captured by your hotel management system and accordingly curate the package. But now, you can easily know the preferences of your guests in no time and present them with the room and food of their choice without any hassle. Prefme allows hotels to know everything about guests even before arrival. From the room amenities required to food and music preferences, and even the preferred floor type and mattresses. With all this data you can easily provide a more personalized service elevating the overall customer experience. Besides, in a study it was found that brands that create personalized experiences by integrating advanced technologies and data are actually achieving revenue increases of between 6-10%. You won't have just happier guests but new avenues to get more direct bookings, higher guests' in-house spending, and greater ROI.

Prefme enables you to know what exactly would please your guests. The app is available for free and can be downloaded from Apple and Google Stores. Today, when everyone is talking about going contactless, there are various hotels that are leveraging the advanced features of Prefme and offering their guests completely contactless check-in, checkouts along with fully personalized guest experience without making any bulky capital expenditure. The Prefme app and hospitality platform is easy to use, while you can still opt for a one-to-one training program to train your hotel staff to serve your guests digitally and take your customer service a notch higher.

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