Hospitality in 2021 & how hotels can tackle current challenges!

May 17, 2021

The hospitality industry saw one of the greatest crises last year. Though there’s still a lot of uncertainty looming over businesses, a lot has got better. The vaccination drive has begun and there’s hope that soon things will get back on track. But this doesn’t mean that everything will go back to the way before the pandemic began. There’s no scope for slack and the industry needs to reinvent itself with new ways and technologies to deliver the best guest experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the most pressing issues that hospitality faces today –

The new normal is here to stay and hotels need to be aligned with the digital transformations happening all over the world. Stepping into the new decade, the hospitality businesses have to stay abreast with the latest trends and adopt contactless digital technologies. Here are the major challenges that hotels are facing in 2021 –

Inadequate Technology

Though most hotels have a digital presence, engaging guests digitally has its own limits. Chatbots can answer basic questions posed by guests but that misses out a very important aspect of hospitality – the human touch. An easy way out is to use real-time chats that allow guests to connect directly with staff for getting queries resolved and for any service while they are checked in. Going contactless is not just a fad that will pass away, it’s a must-have to stay in business! From contactless check-in/out to in-room dining – the guests of today want to access all services directly via their smartphones.

Keeping up with Reviews & Reputation

In times like these when things are a bit haywire, any mismanagement on hotels’ part can spiral into something malicious. One bad comment or review can completely spoil the brand image the hotel has. That’s why keeping your guests satisfied and delivering an experience they crave is supremely crucial in current times. Your digital presence should make you shine and not make you drown!

Staff management & controlling attrition

Hotels must value their staff because they are the face of their hospitality. Their safety is equally important – the physical well-being as well as the emotional. With contactless technologies, the hotels can boost the confidence of their staff by giving them the power of the digital and ensure their safety too. Removing operational bottlenecks, speeding up communication, learning guest preferences and needs, hyper-personalizing meals & in-room experiences – the staff can accomplish a lot in less time using modern hospitality platforms and apps.

Attracting global & domestic travellers

Being listed on a global travel platform where a worldwide audience can view all the services a hotel offers is the need of the hour. Reducing OTA commissions and giving guests a way to book hotels directly is required too. Hyper-personalization, making the stay experience completely seamless & digital, creating programs & packages preferred by domestic travellers, and offering unmatched hospitality through unique features like custom meals & minibar, mobile service booking before arrival and food ingredients’ QR scanning can take your hotel a notch further up!

Guest loyalty

Staying in touch with guests even after they have checked out and engaging them through promotions and events that align with their interests is important for a hotel to get repeated business. Targeted notifications and messages can give a complete turnaround to hotel profits. It’s also really important that with the advent of this new normal era, hotels do away with any paperwork. Whether it be check-in/out, ID verification, or for that matter filling loyalty forms – everything has to go digital. With modern hospitality tech, loyalty cards can now be designed and issued allowing hotels to make processes super-swift and elevating the experience at every touchpoint in the hotel.

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