Hospitality technology and the Post covid era

July 30, 2021

The global pandemic resulted in altering the hotel industry operations drastically in order to keep guests and staff safe.In the meantime, when the hotels are reopening, there is a need to look at the challenges that may come knocking soon.

As the hotels are re-opening, the entire market scenario has changed. In fact, the post COVID-19 operations will attract a new labour and staffing environment. The major two challenges that have emerged are;

Dependency on limited staff

Lack of seasonal labour

Here, the need and reliance on technology will empower the hotels to not just survive but thrive in the post COVID-19 era. Through integration of technology, despite these challenges the hotels can now deliver the best guest experience.

As the break even occupancy of hotels have lowered dramatically in 2020 the hotels have shifted to cost cutting. This further resulted in discontinuing certain amenities and reducing the staff strength in hotels for a certain period of time. This means hotel staff will be responsible for multiple tasks. In a situation where a hotel is suffering through a lack of staff, efficiency is of utmost importance. In the absence of apt tech solutions, cross - functional and systematic working will be hampered, leading towards increased stress.

With the reopening of hotels and resorts and the complicated new norms, hoteliers' need for a hospitality tech solution that will emancipate the hotel staff to do more with less is at a rise. These needs drive the technology trends in hotel industry. There is a need for a guest experience platform that can assist in providing personalised guest experience, understand the guest trends, and increase the revenue in hotel business.

That’s where we come!

With Prefme Partner you can enable your staff with the superpower of multitasking. A hotel can do more with our one stop hospitality solution that will provide a stimulus amongst staff and job roles can become more fluid.

Prefme Partner provides features like;

Multilingual chats - streamline the staff communication, interact with guests by bridging the language barrier.

Contactless check-in and checkout - keeping your guests and staff safe by digitalising entry and exit, also eradicating the risk of lost papers.

Preferences - KYG: Know your guests and provide them with a personalised stay for finer guest experience

And many more..

In addition to a tech-based solution, hoteliers need trustworthy and prompt support throughout the process of integration and afterwards. That’s where Prefme’s Customer Relationship Manager steps up. They will assist you at every step.

Prefme Partner aims at providing a seamless hospitality technology experience that solves major problems and that too at no additional capital cost. Give your guests and staff the ultimate luxury. Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo.

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