Hoteliers’ guide to maintaining impactful communication with guests

December 21, 2021

Guest experience or guest communication management is a significant part of managing a hotel because it underpins guest service. Fortunately, with the wide usage of technology in the hotel industry, guest communication management has become a lot easier for hoteliers. There are tools that allow hotels to seamlessly manage all their guests’ requests and communication on one platform. Maintaining good hotel-guest communication not only serves as a hallmark for brand loyalty but also forges a meaningful experience that resonates with your guests. Listed below are a few tips that hotels can put to use for improving guest interactions and making them happy in order to increase guest loyalty by getting repeat bookings.

1) Try to be responsive- It's crucial for the hotels to have a dedicated staff member whose only job should be responding as quickly as possible to all the requests, queries, and comments. Be it a positive or a negative concern, what cheeses a guest off the most is not having anybody on the other side to hear and respond. So, ensure you make your guests feel heard in order to strengthen your bond with them and leave them with an effective hotel-guest communication impression.

2) Consider having a live chat feature- A live chat feature provides hotels with an opportunity to build a connection with their guests much before they arrive at the property. 70% of travelers prefer to communicate with hotels via digital channels and through chat, hotels can guide their guests if they have any questions before arrival, send them offers, pass on their service request during their stay, address their concerns, and stay connected even after they leave the property. Live chat is considered one of the strongest mediums of communication that can enhance a guest experience impressively.

3) Take-charge- Take charge in advance and anticipate your guests' needs and requirements by finding out their purpose of staying with you. By knowing what your guests’ purpose of the visit is, you can provide them more than what they could expect from their stay. Remember? We are talking about guest communication here, and digging out extra information to provide a little extra is very much a part of the process. For example: If a family has booked a stay with you to celebrate an important occasion then pre-stocking their rooms with amenities and things that might add to their celebration can be a thoughtful addition to increasing guest loyalty

4) Empower your staff- Your staff members represent your brand. The way they treat your guests and interact with them is one of the crucial factors for deciding whether or not the guest will return to your property. And it’s a proven fact that 89% of hotels are only able to compete through the quality of the guest experience they are able to provide. Empowering your staff with the right technology to be able to provide your guests a delightful experience and exceed their expectations may take your brand a long way. Encourage them to not only talk to and interact with guests but also share with them the information that can help you provide them with the best guest experience.

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