How does the future of hospitality look like in 2021?

January 05, 2021

The hotel industry took a nosedive in 2020 after the pandemic impacted all the aspects of the industry. As the industry leaders are no stranger to “black swan” events, they were able to quickly respond to changing rules, concerns, restrictions, and measures. As quickly as coronavirus impacted the world, the hospitality sector has responded just as promptly, adhering to new safety protocols and pivoting their services to pave a path to recovery and a technologically smart future of hospitality.

It is high time that hotels start to re-evaluate their processes and their way of doing things. They also need to consider investing in new technologies. As we are approaching 2021, let's discuss how COVID-19 has been a catalyst to quick change and innovation and what is in store for the hospitality industry globally.

A new era of cleaner and safer hotels

Hotels have always had rigorous standards for cleaning, but after the pandemic now they are expected to elevate their cleanliness standards and hospitality behaviors and norms to meet the new safety challenges the pandemic has presented to the hotels. The World Health Organization along with many international hospitality bodies have introduced new health and safety protocols for the industry to assure guests about the cleanliness and safety of the hotels. By adopting these guidelines hotels can win the trust of guests. All the surveys conducted in 2020 revealed cleanliness as the deciding factor when booking a hotel room. Around 90% of guests say it is extremely important for hotels to enforce COVID-19 safety protocols and 86% said they now give preference to hotels that have a fully contactless mobile check-in, checkout, concierge, and hotel guest app.

Contactless on-property experience

Hospitality has been a high-touch industry but now guests are demanding hotels to decrease the number of physical touchpoints. Globally, hotels are implementing contactless hospitality solutions to elevate the on-property guest experience without physically contacting their staff. In their next hotel stay, guests will expect your hotel to have the latest contactless hotel solution that enables online check-in, checkout, keyless hotel room entry, online chats, and mobile apps that allow guests to navigate the property and book your services without any hassle. According to a report, 71% of guests are more likely to choose a hotel providing self-service tech.

Safe, digitally advanced future

Contactless hotel solutions may be replacing traditional approaches and processes of hospitality, but technological advancements don’t mean poor guest connection. In a survey, it was found that 70% of hotel staff strongly agreed that self-service solutions will be vital in assisting guests while reducing unnecessary contact. Solutions like online chat, in-room ordering are extremely important to keep the human experience relevant.

Contactless guest experience is the new normal and will be integral for the success of hotels and improved guest loyalty in the future. So, wait no more and make your hotel 2021-ready with Prefme Partner. An all-in-one hospitality solution, Prefme Partner supports complete hotel operations for the entire digital guest journey. With Prefme, you can personalize your service offerings, streamline guest engagement at every touchpoint, reduce service delivery time, and revamp your communication channels. Bring world-class sophistication to your hospitality through modern technology and enable a seamless guest experience. Call us now to know more.

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