How hotels are preparing for the staycation rush

December 1, 2020

So, everyone is saying staycations are the new vacations amid general public wariness around safety and travel restrictions. The pandemic has made international travelling more fraught, resulting in the staycation boom. A significant rise in staycation bookings is seen, around 4 times more from September 2019 to September 2020, and the numbers are expected to soar due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

Travelers are interested in staycations as they provide a break from routine without the risk linked with long-distance travel. Everywhere people are staying close to their homes and taking shorter vacations. With the holiday season just around the corner, the staycation bookings are expected to increase more, due to the fact that staycations don’t require airline travel and are therefore comparatively coronavirus-safe.

Now, safety being the key reason for the surge in staycations, it becomes essential for hotels and cottages to follow government guidelines to ensure accommodation is clean, social distancing is maintained between different groups, and the contact with staff is minimal. By following all the guidelines and protocols of COVID-19 you can show your prospective guests that they will be safe when staying with you.

Let’s discuss how you can prepare your hotel for a staycation and convert your local guests into loyal guests.

Follow sanitization seriously

Sanitization should be done frequently with a major emphasis on bathrooms, lobby areas, kitchens, hand washing areas, etc. Also, make sure the most contacted surfaces of your hotel are disinfected regularly. Sanitization is the new key requirement along with overall cautions and awareness. For the safety of your guests as well as staff, it is important that the hygiene standards and protocols are followed always. Guests would travel only when they feel safe using and staying in your hotel facility. The confidence of safety comes from a sanitized disinfected space. Properties are using hotel guest apps like Prefme to notify guests about hygiene measures and sanitization schedules to gain trust.

Make check-in and checkout completely contactless

The pandemic has forced hotels to revamp their check-in/out process. Globally, many hotels are doubling down on contactless check-ins and checkouts. Contactless solutions allow your guests to bypass the front desk and get into their rooms directly. So, today when everyone is talking about social distancing and minimal human contact, this is exactly what you need to build guest trust and increase your bookings. Prefme’s online check-in and checkout assist you in serving your guests with minimal face-to-face contact. With the mobile app, they can safely and conveniently check into their rooms.

The end of the breakfast buffet

Well, there’s almost no one who doesn’t love buffets, but sadly it is the first on the chopping block of COVID-conscious solutions. Surely, a sumptuous platter of doughnuts or a creatively arranged display of fruits are alluring but such communal food presentations are also a perfect setting for the spread of the virus. So, hotels are replacing their lavish buffets with cozy and hyper-personalized in-room dining orders. Digital menus and mobile ordering not just assist in following social distancing norms but help in providing personalized guest experience. Customers can peruse the menu at their leisure without feeling the rush to place their orders to a busy staff member over the table or call. This also creates a more responsive atmosphere and decreases the chance of error through in-room dining orders.

So, get all geared up with Prefme to mesmerize your guests during their staycation following all the necessary safety precautions and enabling a contactless guest experience. Arrange a call now with our executive to know how Prefme can take your hospitality and guest experience a notch higher.

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