How hotels can increase guest confidence in travel

January 19, 2021

The pandemic has impacted every industry drastically. Travel and tourism were amongst the most affected sectors in the economy due to the travel restrictions. COVID-19 not only impacted the economics of these industries, but it has also changed the behaviors of travelers, most probably forever.

A number of surveys were conducted to understand the confidence levels of consumers for travel. In the survey, confidence levels related to various aspects of traveling like various modes of travel such as bus, train, car and air, hotel stays, dining, sightseeing, and the economy. The overall travel confidence index came out to be 63.90%, with everyone showing full confidence. The analysis of travel confidence data indicated that travel confidence is a major predictor of travel consumption. The more the confidence of the travelers, the more they consume travel products.

There are numerous factors that impact the traveler's confidence like attitude towards their own health and safety, self-perception, perceived health risks, and the way airlines, hotels and restaurants respond to the pandemic. Even though hotels may not control how confident travelers are, they can do numerous things to boost consumer confidence. Let’s have a look at some of the practices that the hospitality industry can follow to boost the confidence level of guests.

Contactless stays and hygiene

The traveler confidence study showed that cleaning and hygiene practices are among the most vital in building trust for travelers. Before the pandemic, the hotels used to perform cleaning duties discreetly. Signboards like “Do not enter! Restrooms being cleaned” were a common scenario in hotels. In the post COVID-19 world, guests would like to see that all parts of the property are being cleaned and sanitized publicly and visibly. You must consider altering your cleaning practices and update your guests about sanitization schedules. In addition to visible and increased cleaning practices, it is recommended that hotels provide contactless options to their guests to reduce physical contact with the staff and other guests. Guests should be given options like online check-in, checkout, and the room’s digital key. Besides, these suggestions won’t require substantial infrastructure upgrades; a luxury hotel app and you are all set to offer a contactless guest experience.

Safety Assurance

In addition to ensuring cleanliness and providing contactless options, hotels must ensure that their guests and staff follow health authorities’ guidelines strictly and highlight these practices in their marketing collaterals and throughout the touchpoints. If you can assure your guests about the safety protocols and COVID-19 guidelines being followed you can earn their trust and make them travel again.


Hotels should analyze their business methods and reinvent practices of offering high-quality personalized guest experience. The key point is to provide personalized services to the guests. By investing in a guest experience platform, you can know the likes and dislikes including room preferences, stay preferences, and F&B preferences of your guests beforehand. Guests now want the ability to customize almost every aspect of their stay. In order to meet the rising popularity of personalization, hotels must opt for an advanced hotel app that empowers guests to personalize their stay to their taste.

So, wait no more and get a hotel app like Prefme for your hotel that allows you to do all this and more without making any major investment. Prefme Partner helps hospitality companies embed personalization in services for offering a differentiated guest experience. The Prefme customer app offers a digital platform to travelers where they can specify their Eat, Stay, and Fly preferences which the hospitality partners can utilize to personalize services, amenities, meals, and accommodations. Using the Prefme technology, partners can digitize all their engagements with guests for a hassle-free experience before guest arrival, during the stay to post checkout.

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