How multilingual chat is helping hospitality providers drive up revenue?

OCTOBER 1, 2020

Think about the companies that are known globally for their excellent customer service and you will find online chat as the key player of their customer service strategy. The world’s leading companies have adopted chat capabilities because they know customers want it and it is a great tool to establish a personal connection with them.

Here are some statistics that prove why multilingual chat is a must-have tool for your business:

  • Customer satisfaction rates for online chat are over 80%
  • 46% of customers prefer live chat while 29% email, and 16% social media
  • 79% of businesses achieved increased customer loyalty, sales and revenue via live chat
  • Live chat is expected to continue to grow by as much as 87% in the next 12-18 months
  • In terms of the volume of chat queries received via mobile devices, hospitality ranked 3rd

One simple reason for this increased popularity is the fact that more than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone online and in real-time, rather than call company’s support.

The figures are compelling and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is need and demand for online chat in the hospitality industry.

How Multilingual Chat can help hotels in improving their revenue margins?

Helps in increasing direct bookings

Many hotels have become completely dependent on OTA bookings and their huge commissions eat a major chunk of their profits. Due to this dependency on OTAs, hoteliers have ignored the most cost-effective marketing and direct sales tool at their disposal - hotel app for booking, listing services, and communicating other details. Travellers are using it to window shop, to know more about your property before they actually make the booking. Tools like Prefme allow you to use this window of opportunity to engage prospective guests in a personalised chat conversation to understand their requirements and know what they are looking for in their next stay. Remember only advertising standard packages on the website doesn’t deliver similar results because every guest has specific needs and the package you have planned may have little or no value. Also, a static website can’t interact and customize the offer the way your skilled professionals can.

Prevents abandons and boosts direct bookings

Once a visitor abandons your website, it becomes really challenging to bring him back despite huge funds spent on marketing for follow-up calls, banners or retargeting emailers. Multilingual Chat allows you to proactively connect with visitors and convert them while they are still checking their options. By engaging in an online conversation through Prefme’s Multilingual Chat, you can understand what is stopping them from booking a room in your hotel and accordingly you can tweak your offers to increase hotel bookings.

Deliver 24x7 assistance and personal support

Remember not every customer service query can be handled with a template and 88% of customers expect a response from your business within 60 minutes. The faster you respond to those queries, the better you will convert. Not everyone is fond of dialing a number or waiting for a reply to their email.

Offer concierge services

Use guest-staff chat to take your hospitality guest experience a notch higher. Your concierge team can suggest your guests about a number of local attractions like recreational destinations, nightlife, shopping, and other activities. They can easily make all the arrangements after understanding every minute detail about the guest’s preferences and interests.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

In a study, it was found that travellers usually shortlist 4-5 hotels in the same price range when searching online and contact them to know more about the property. This is when you must be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Multilingual Chat enables seamless communication between your guests and staff. During the online chat, your staff can draw the attention of your guests to USPs of your property as well as build a personal connection that will induce buyer confidence.

About Prefme Partner

The Prefme app thrives on the concept of enabling hotels to deliver contactless and hyper-personalised guest experiences. Prefme is the world's first user-powered universal hotel app that allows your guests to do more than just online check-ins and checkouts. With Prefme, your hotel gets featured to travellers across the globe which helps with more direct bookings. Using the innovative features, your guests can order food in the room, chat with hotel staff, and place service requests while you get access to their in-depth eating and staying preferences to completely personalize the in-room amenities, ambience, meals and much more. This novel concept is the most tech-friendly solution that helps to make travel and stays completely contactless, safe, and seamless. Moreover, you can get all this without any capital expenditure. A win-win for both, you and your guests. So, contact now to get started!

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