How small hotels can use technology for competitive advantage

October 19, 2021

Deploying the right tech for small hotels can benefit them in myriad ways. These hotels can leverage technology to compete with bigger brands. For taking the optimum benefits of this tech, guests are recommended to download a mobile app and this can be an extra opportunity for small properties to reinforce the brand and extend the experience beyond their stay with you. Let’s dig deep into these benefits.

Market your Brand

Your guests’ actual experience starts even before they arrive on the property. None of the travellers today book their stay without researching. When you already know it, why not take advantage of it? Add all the necessary information about the offered facilities and services along with some beautiful pictures to attract guests’ attention.

Makes your property a safer choice

Especially during these times, using technology would be more relatable to current guests’ habits. Almost for everything guests would seek a contactless experience and with hotel tech, even small hotels can cater to guests this demand. Along with convenience, the use of digital tech enhances the guests’ experience while letting you operate efficiently with leaner staff.

Easy Tracking and analyzing

Currently hotels operate and function manually and thereby chances of human error are naturally more. But with digital technology there comes a chance for hotels to avoid the human errors by automizing their operations. Along with that comes easy tracking and analysing hotel functions.

Reduced expenses and Increased Revenues

During the covid times, the hotel industry was undergoing all sorts of changes and crisis including staffing problems. To function properly with lean staff is only possible with digital technology. Along with better efficiency, hotels can now feed it and store their guest data all in one place including their preferences. Use this data to impress the data and up-sell your hotel services. Get away with a lot of unnecessary expenses and rightly spend this money on the right tech solving all the possible problems.

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