How Travel Trends are changing the Face of Hospitality!

April 13, 2021

The year 2020 brought a lot of restructuring in the travel and hospitality industry. Travel trends such as staycation and sustainable travel are gaining popularity while contactless technology has taken a center stage when it comes to doing check-ins/outs and availing services at hotels through mobile. We can confidently say now that the industry has stepped into the future of hospitality!

The New Rush – Staycation, Slow Tourism & Sustainable Travel

A lot of new travel trends have emerged recently and the focus has been mainly on reducing the impact on the environment and taking holidays to domestic destinations that do not require long-distance flights or longer time to travel. Since work from home has become the new norm in a lot of sectors especially IT and for jobs that can be done online, people are preferring domestic vacays and staycations for a longer period of time where work and leisure go hand-in-hand.


Slow Travel is an emerging new concept that allows soaking in the culture and lifestyle specific to any place without rushing the experience. A lot of focus is being given to travel sustainably without impacting the environment adversely.

Below is the graph which clearly displays the staycation boom in recent times.


The New Way To Travel – Safe, Seamless & Personalized!

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