How you can use the crisis as an opportunity to improve your hospitality?

August 1, 2020

2020 turned out to be a nightmare for each one of us. The global disruption caused by Covid-19 has taken a serious toll on hospitality industry; on one hand it crippled the industry in the first half of the year and on the other, it is now forcing hotels to opt for alternative and transformative ways to survive. This pandemic is surely putting leadership skills of hoteliers to test. Globally, hospitality providers are now churning their brains to think of innovative ways to keep their businesses afloat.

If you are also having a tough time deciding how to keep your operations running following all the norms and protocols of the new normal without making major changes in your processes, then continue reading. In this blog post we will be discussing how hoteliers are focusing their attention on numerous vital parameters that could benefit them in the coming months and even years.

Going high-tech

COVID-19 has introduced us all to some new behaviors like, social-distancing and sanitization. Keeping a safe distance and sanitizing your hands, objects and surfaces are essential to slow the spread. In such circumstances, two of the major concerns you need to address are long check-in & check out queues at the hotel receptions as well as the possible spread of infection due to rotation and multiple usage of keycards. This is where a smart contactless hotel solution will prove helpful. Besides, 70% of guests prefer to use their smartphone to speed up check-in and services, and 67% of travelers are "more likely" to choose a hotel that allows guests to check in and open doors with a smartphone than a hotel that doesn't. So, there won’t be any better time than now to introduce your hotel to a revolutionary hotel app that works on interests of your guests.

Revamping and renovating

The down season is surely a unique chance for making significant improvements to your hotel. Stop procrastinating and start planning the renovations that you have always wanted in order to attract more global guests in your hotel. You can also consider implementing efficient energy-saving solutions that can help cut long term costs on amenities as well as benefit the environment.

Staff retraining

This is another area where you can use this crisis as an opportunity for skill building in your hotel. Reexamine the performance of all your employees, understand how aware they are of their KRAs and auxiliary tasks. This will also help you restructure the hierarchy of your hotel staff depending on their skills, performance, and willingness to learn new things.

Drive more sales by cross-selling and upselling

If you have not provisioned for this revenue stream yet, then you are surely missing out a great option to increase profit and even create customer value. In a research it was found that 88% of customers do value being advised on services that better meet their needs. By taking time to understand the needs and wants of your guests and promoting your services/products accordingly you can significantly get incremental revenue. Besides, by using advanced tools like Prefme that allow you to chat with your guests and send push notifications this can be achieved more easily and effortlessly. Such features also help you save up to 50% time on service delivery saving operational overheads & making teams more responsive and efficient.

Expanding services

Out of many things that COVID-19 has taught us, not depending on a single source of income is one of that. Maybe you have never considered it, but services like your hotel’s restaurant or bar can continue operating and generating revenue by using various delivery services to serve customers. By listing your restaurant on the popular food ordering apps, you can lure the potential diners to enjoy your delicious cuisines from the comfort of their homes.

This pandemic has put industry leaders on the spot and coming out of it unscathed is surely not happening, but the ones who put this time to best use to create more personalized guest experiences and multifaceted service offerings, will surely flourish and redefine hospitality.

About Prefme Partner

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