Hyper-personalizing the Hospitality & Staying Experience at Hotels

April 20, 2021

A new era in hospitality has begun – it’s the era of hyper-personalization. Recent studies have highlighted that millennials and gen-Z prefer ‘new experiences over collecting things,’ which makes travelling a lucrative activity. In today’s dynamic age, travellers around the world have access to endless options to choose from using smart technology, and plus they have specific preferences, choices, and food habits. The hotel of the future needs to align with the changing guest demands. To make them loyal and retain them for the long-term, it is important for hotels to understand that a seamless digital and hyper-personalized guest experience is delivered from check-in to checkout.

Hyper-personalizing the Hospitality

The hospitality businesses are guest-centric where the revenue highly depends on the service experience. The communication gap between guests and hotels can be removed using advanced hotel apps that convey the voice of guests effectively and thus help in improving hospitality services. This builds trust and fosters guest loyalty, at the same time allows services to be personalized based on guest choices and preferences. Personalization is turning out to be one of the key differentiators that set hospitality brands apart and deliver a differentiated guest experience.

Catering to the diverse palate

The global paradigms related to personal choices, preferences, dietary regimes, and specific health concerns have become quite varied. All guests love to be treated on a personal level and want to be served with special care. The modern guest has unique eating preferences and it is important for hotels to personalize all meals by knowing food choices in advance. The Prefme Partner platform helps you serve custom meals that suit the guest's palate. Additionally, the ‘What’s In’ Food Ingredients Scanner lists all ingredients and suggests if the food item is suitable to consume based on guests’ eating preferences. Isn’t that a great feature to improve the culinary experience of your guests?

Multilingual Guest & Staff Chats

A direct messaging solution is the best and contactless way to engage guests throughout their journey – pre, during, and post-stay. It’s crucial for hoteliers to realize that communication plays a very important role in increasing guest delight. The questions and concerns of travellers can be immediately answered using Prefme’s Multilingual Chat. It solves a number of challenges, helps to overcome language barriers, speeds up service delivery, optimizes internal operations, and improves guest satisfaction manifolds.

Mobile Check-In/out & Easy Payments

Hotels and accommodations from around the world are focusing highly on guest safety, hygiene, and sanitation rules. However, face-to-face interaction in hotels cannot be avoided completely but it can be minimized. Hospitality technology solutions allow guests to self-check-in/out without the need to be at the reception for long. Prefme Partner lets you allot rooms to your upcoming guests based on their staying preferences via contactless pre-check-in & secure digital ID verification. At the same time, the guests can review bills, make payments via the app and enjoy a completely contactless, hassle-free checkout.

About Prefme Partner

The Prefme app thrives on the concept of enabling hotels to deliver contactless and hyper-personalized guest experiences. Prefme is the world’s first user-powered hotel app that allows your guests to do more than just online check-ins and checkouts. With Prefme, your hotel gets featured to travellers across the globe which helps with more direct bookings. Using the innovative features, your guests can order food in the room, chat with hotel staff & place service requests while you get access to their in-depth eating and staying preferences to completely personalize the in-room amenities, ambience, meals, and much more. This novel concept is the most tech-friendly solution that helps to make travel and stays completely contactless, safe, and seamless. Moreover, you can get all this without any capital expenditure. A win-win for both, you and your guests. So, contact us now to get started.

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