Improve revenue & guest experience through upselling and cross-selling

August 1, 2020

COVID-19 lockdown and travel restrictions brought an unprecedented plunge in occupancy for hotels all across the globe. But now as borders are reopening and fears are subsiding it is time to reflect on your business and the changes you can make to ensure your property is well positioned to meet customer expectations in hospitality and at the same time maximize the revenue.

However, due to higher expectations from guests, strong competition, dependency on OTAs and limited occupancy maintaining the profitability is a huge challenge. There is no doubt that hotel sales has always been notoriously challenging and this pandemic has made it worse, but simply by reconsidering your strategies to increase hotel revenue you can record not just a huge spurt in your business revenue but also guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Upselling and cross-selling tops the list of sales strategies that may result in easier sales than you think. Besides, upselling and cross-selling are really effective in generating ancillary revenue for hotels. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. But surprisingly, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. By using this knowledge to your advantage and including a few important upselling strategies throughout your sales cycle, you can better utilize your property’s amenities, build deeper relationships with your guests and increase your revenue.

How upselling, cross-selling are related to guest experience?

It is noted that many guests end up buying costlier product than they initially planned, given it represents good value, is convenient and add more comfort and fun to their stay. Besides, a seamless guest experience triggers impulse buying. Another important thing worth highlighting here is that impulse buying doesn’t happen in long queues at the reception. It happens in the online buying experiences where the guest avails “lighting” deals. It happens on the apps for hotels where the guest doesn’t have to stand in a line or swipe a card. In a nutshell, coupling customized experiences with well-placed, discounted offers is the complete science of impulse buying.

Remember, your hotel guests spend even after booking a hotel and when they are staying with you, you get their undivided attention and they are more interested in upgrading and improving their experience. In a study it was found that around 2 in 3 guests are interested in additional services. So, you must position your offerings and discounts in a way that they create more selling opportunities that also enable you to provide seamless guest experience through best services and generate more revenue through that.

How can luxury hotel app be your primary enabler?

With a luxury hotel app like Prefme you can truly know your guests and offer them a customized staying experience. Personalization is necessary for successful upselling demands because guests are more likely to spend on offers that address their preferences and meet their interests. You must upgrade your legacy systems to become insight-driven utilizing the guest preferences and interests to understand them better. Personalization is not at all a new concept in hospitality, hoteliers have always tired to entice their regular guests with their regular orders. However, now technology enabled solutions like Prefme have completely revolutionized the personalization by enabling you to know eat and stay preferences of your guests before they check-in in your hotel.

Moreover, guests are willing to share their interests, likes and dislikes for services and offers personalized for them. Hotels can harness this data to create the perfect guest experience and determine your most likely upselling targets. Smart analytics of Prefme can truly convert the guest data into actionable insights for the decision-makers and marketers. Prefme enables you to take advantage of your guests’ digital habits on their mobile devices, allowing you to successfully upsell and cross-sell your services. And you can avail all this and more at no capital expenditure, so wait no more and contact us today!

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