In-room Dining- Important shift towards the new normal

September 7, 2021

Food has always been and will always be one of the most important parts of a traveller’s overall experience. But with the new normal, certain changes are inevitable. And one such major change is the increased demand for a safe and contactless hotel experience. The guests have even started to avoid going to crowded restaurants and refuse to lift the menus that have been handled several times.

How can hotels step up to ensure that the guests continue to enjoy the hotel cuisines? The easiest and safest way is to deliver what they like eating to their hotel rooms! It’s time to indulge in In-room Dining, a service that everyone would love to take the benefit of! So, is there a solution that offers maximum safety, guest convenience, and helps hoteliers raise their extra income? Yes, and we think Prefme is all you need! A contactless solution for in-room dining, web check-in/checkout, multilingual chats, book hotel services, and a lot more for your hotel that too with zero capital expenditure.

Get away with Printed Menus

When it comes to hygiene, printed menus can be one of the problems for your guests. People who need reassurance for cleanliness would certainly like to avoid it. And one neat solution that can eliminate the cost of printed menus, increase hygiene, and ease up hotel operations is Prefme’s In-room dining. Prefme can make your hotel menu available to your guests on their mobile devices. This means they can access this service from anywhere on the premises. This even offers you the flexibility to make changes in your menu as and when you want without incurring any extra cost, cumbersome process, or any added effort.

The technical benefit of it

The two simple ways of giving your guests access to your digital menu are; either ask them to download the Prefme App (this would also let them enjoy other benefits) or share with them the QR code of your menu. The QR codes can also be easily placed in the rooms and other busy spots of the hotels by simply taking a print out of it.

Create a memorable In-room Dining experience for your guests

If designed well, these digital menus can have numerous benefits. These are visually appealing to guests, they can prompt better for the add-ons, and the guests can take as much time as they want for ordering without having the pressure of someone hovering over their heads to write orders. It also avoids the chances of human errors. All of this together enhances your guest experience and makes their stay memorable with you. This is a win-win for both your guests and your business.

So, what are you waiting for, reach out to our team now and book a quick Prefme Demo with us!

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