Increase revenue through personalization in hotel industry

December 15, 2020

Now more than ever, hotels globally are seeking ways to increase turnover. But, in these challenging times hoteliers are struggling to find innovative ways to engage guests to generate additional revenue. Engaging guests has significant implications on your bottom line. Moreover, fully engaged hotel guests spend 46% more as compared to actively disengaged guests. Engaging guests is more about getting inside their minds and hearts. Thus, personalization is the key.

Personalization allows hotels to make great leaps forwards in regards to guest engagement and satisfaction. Guests have higher expectations from hotels these days. They don’t just expect the mobile apps and websites to be more informative and interactive, but they also want their personal preferences and needs served during the stay.

Why is personalization so vital?

By embracing personalization, you can create a highly tailored service for your guests. Guests respond better when they have personal support pre, during and post their stay. Here are a few stats to support the statement:

86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchase decisions

62% of consumers say they have recommended, chosen, or paid more for a brand that provides personalized service

Personalization can deliver 5 to 8 times the ROI.

Challenges for hotels to embrace personalization

In a research, 42% and 31% said that lack of necessary data and lack of technology and tools respectively, are the major challenges in implementing personalization in the hotel industry.

Groups that create tailored experiences by integrating advanced technologies and data are able to achieve 6-10% more revenue. Besides, the acquisition cost can be slashed by around 50%.

How hotels can improve personalization?

Actual personalization needs both speed and scale. The decisions you will take and the services you will cater to your guests need to be data-centric and work in real-time. This is where having a user-friendly hotel stay app like Prefme comes handy.

Prefme app allows guests to personalize everything for their stay, right from the food they will eat, to the activities they will take part in, to the type of room they want for their stay. Guests can share their preferences like air-conditioning and lighting, TV channels, floor type, fragrance, mattress, mini bar, and what not to get a tailored homely environment. Also, guests can share their dietary regime and food restrictions to avoid any type of food emergencies during their stay.

In short, guests can create their profile that will enable hotels to discover everything they need to know about the guest. You can access in-depth Eat & Stay preferences to personalize in-room amenities and meals before guest arrival. Also, you can know about their favorite amenities and activities they would like to engage in; this will enable you to take your services notch higher by offering them a restaurant deal or a spa package for customer delight.

With guest data in your arsenal you can easily build a relationship with your guest and inculcate a sense of familiarity and trust. The better you know your guests, the more likely they are to stay loyal, because they know you can serve them the way they want. By delivering a personalized guest experience you can make your guest to book directly with you again and again. This means you have gained a loyal guest and that is a great thing.

Personalization is vital and with Prefme it can be integrated into all stages of the guest experience, from pre-stay to post-stay. Call now to know you can get started with Prefme.

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