Is Digital technology really affecting business travels?

October 12, 2021

While all of us are well aware of the dent that COVID-19 has caused to the travel and hospitality industry, we also know that it is gradually taking pace. And with these, corporate travels will soon be on the agenda for business corporations. However, of the frequent business travellers who prefer staying in a hotel, 89% mentioned enhanced health safety measures as a driver for their travel choice. As a result, more and more hotels are bringing helpful tools in to cater to the lost segment of travellers again.

Here are a couple of these hotel technology trends that will soon come to bow and would revive corporate travels.

1) A contactless and touchless experience

All-encompassing technology infrastructure is becoming the need of the hour. It is no news that business travellers were seeking a contactless experience even before COVID to save themselves some time and stay away from the fuss when on a busy schedule. Allowing touchless check-in and checkouts are a great example of introducing self-service at hotels. There are certain softwares that even allow the guests to unlock room doors, verify guest IDS, accept payments, and order food right from their smartphones. Reducing contact with touchpoints will just not be safe in the new normal but can also be seamlessly integrated in turn increasing more business booking for the property.

2) Custom-made search platform

Which company or individual wouldn’t like platforms that are custom made for the corporate travellers making their search results faster and much appropriate for the suitable properties? Well, myriad platforms now are allowing their app users or website visitors to look for homes suitable for working with facilities like high-speed internet, tea-coffee vending machines, some notepads and journals, and dedicated quiet space.

For companies who have business travels planned on a large scale for more employees, this search process becomes all the more complex. Empowering administrators with the right tool is very important for driving revenue for your property.

2) Use of technology for hygiene and well-being purposes

No matter however short or long the duration of a business trip is, every company wants to ensure that wherever the employees are going the property ensures to follow every possible COVID-19 preventive measure. Helpfully, disinfecting gadgets like electrostatic sprayers, power-assisted sanitization machines, and tech for indoor environment check has kicked off for a guest’s overall safety.

Adoption of these hospitality technology trends can drive confidence for employers across the world and give them a surety of their employees’ utmost safety post-pandemic.

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