Keeping up with different guests and their expectations

February 18, 2022

Varied guests come with varied expectations and meeting their expectations is the key to maintaining the balance between hotel image and guest satisfaction. Moreso, this isn’t just about balancing but also about providing guests with the ultimate experience and making it a memorable one. The lack of such understanding is very much reflected while creating marketing strategies. So, we have put up a list of common types of hotel guests and their unique behavioral expectations for your ready reference.

1. Family guests: As the name suggests, the people who travel with family are the kind of guests that are covered under this head. They are a mix of generations (new and old). These guests tend to travel with a tight budget and expect a great deal of return for every penny spent. In order to meet their expectations and to satisfy their needs and demands, it becomes necessary to provide them the services that not only fit their pockets right but also give them an experience that they can’t stop boasting about. How and what will constitute the right balance for them? Well, from having a ready munching caddy in the room for kids to organizing an interactive event for parents, you have to take care of it all. Additionally, to lure them, hotels can offer family membership plans for spas, gyms, stay packages, and a lot more.

2. Corporate guests: Though the main purpose of such travelers is to work, work, work but with that exploring the location they stay at equally excites them. If you are a property that mostly entertains corporate guests, then, to fulfill their demands, the list is not that long. You just have to include a good coffee shop, nice restaurants, some unwinding activities, and a comfortable bed for calling it a day. What more will add value? Well! Additionally, you can curate a list of amazing co-working spaces in your property’s vicinity, or maybe create a space like such for your in-house guest! Provide them with high-speed internet and fabulous offers that yield them great deals.

3. Guests who prefer luxury: People who have a fine taste for things are generally aesthetically driven, and look for meticulous details. These are the kind of people that fall under the category of luxury guests. In order to experience the utmost comfort and enjoyment, these guests are always willing to spend more. To meet the extraordinary demands of this segment of travelers, the hotel property is expected to leave no stone unturned and for that they need to learn about their guests' likes and dislikes, preferences in terms of food, kind of room, amenities in the room and knowing about the other activities that excite them for their retention can be a good retention strategy.

4. Gen Z travelers: Let’s first understand who are GenZ travelers. They belong to the segment which was born between 1996 to 2000s. What do they like? They love a budget-friendly trip. Because this group of travellers is normally either studying or has just set their foot in the corporate world. What attracts them? Decent architecture and furnishings, good laundry services, nice meals, mobile-friendly operations, and good wi-fi connectivity is all they want.

5. Millennials: Who Millennials? Let us crack it down for you! People who are born between 1980-1995. These kinds of travelers constitute an average of 23% of the global population. They like to make many short trips during the year. The technological transformation that this gen has witnessed has made them dependent on these advancements and therefore they like everything at their fingertips. By giving them the luxury and ease of a digital-contactless journey, like Check-in/out, food ordering, they will definitely choose you over and over again. Be a smart property with implemented hotel tech for attracting the millennials.

Though we have listed down as many categories of guests as possible in one post for your reference, there are still many guests who would fall beyond these categories. The best way to tap every kind of guest's expectations is to provide them with a seamless experience. And that’s where we come in! With Prefme Partner give your hotel a digital makeover! Align your guests hospitality needs with Prefme Partner’s hotel tech and capitalize on guest loyalty, upselling, web check-in, 24*7 availability on chat that too in your guest’s preferred language, know your guests and a lot more. All this at no extra capital expenditure. What are you still waiting for? Book a free demo today!

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