Know how Hospitality Tech helps reduce staff burnout

May 06, 2022

As the travel industry prepares for a rebound after the pandemic, hoteliers and resort owners need to gear up for the 130% increase in the number of holiday makers and guests in 2022. It not only becomes important at times such as these to find and retain good employees but more importantly to prevent them from an early burn-out.

The hospitality industry needs to be constantly fueled to keep itself free for its core purpose, that of looking after guests. People’s priorities have changed after the pandemic and with more and more people preferring to stay in their hometowns, staffing is at an all-time low. Hospitality tech can relieve the load of the hotel staff and help them improve the guest experience.

Let’s see how!

Mobile check-ins mean happier staff and guests
Having a hotel tech tool creates a seamless process of check-in by eliminating long lines at the front desk or reception. It also relieves hotel staff of work that can now be handled through tech which allows them more time for meaningful guest engagement. Even your guests can be at utmost ease with hotel guest apps that allow direct check-in through their mobiles. This is a win-win for both guests and the employees because while one feels pampered, the other feels productive. It is highly likely that the guest will be back for a repeat experience.

Automated Service request equals lesser costs
Automated service requests can free staff to provide better services where actually needed. People are on revenge travel and how! Guests want prompt service around the clock and no one likes to be put on hold by the front desk. They find it easier to send a request through their mobiles or tablets and this is when a hotel app can be of great help. It also cuts down on manpower and labour costs. A close set of staff bonds better and can thus add a lot to the guest experience.

Clearing the lines of communication for better efficiency
More often than not, pressure is created on staff and management alike, if there isn’t clear communication between them and their guests. It becomes the hotel management’s task to review their management systems from time to time so that work efficiency is not affected. Digitalization can help prioritize tasks and regulate the workflow of the team. It also helps update tasks on time and integrate them with various departments like housekeeping, front desk, dining, etc.

The bottom line then is- happier staff=happier guests=happier management!
Giving your guests a personalized experience can be the best user-engagement hotels and resorts can provide. With global boundaries blurring, timelines have also blurred. You might have someone in Austria wanting to book your property in India for a heritage travel experience and would want someone to give them details of the itinerary, cost, travel details, etc. at a time suitable to them. Live-chat provides this one-on-one experience that the hospitality industry can take advantage of. Not just this if a guest’s queries or doubts are answered well in time, it certainly makes them feel valued and special at the same time.

This equation cannot be questioned or denied. While everyone works for remuneration, in the long run, it is overall well-being that one looks for. The introduction of hospitality tech can enhance this feeling of well-being for sure! And Prefme Partner can be that cutting-edge hospitality tech solution for your property that can let your staff lay their focus on other areas in a way that can maximize guest satisfaction. Not just this, with Prefme you can also introduce these amazing features for your property: Online Check-in/out, Multilingual Chat, In-room dining, Service bookings, and a lot more. Wish to know in detail about us? Book a free demo now!

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