Know your Guest through their Preferences and attract loyalty

December 07, 2021

Times have changed for the hospitality industry. From a period where hoteliers used to provide a uniform experience to all the guests, to now, where guests demand personalized attention and uniqueness for their stay experience. This shift can be a bit challenging for any hotel in general. But to the rescue, technology advancements have been a blessing. Digital hospitality technology has made it a lot easier by allowing hotels to know their guests’ unique preferences much before they arrive at the property. These preferences can be as detailed as what they prefer to eat, what’s their spice tolerance level, beverages they like to consume during the different times of the day, which side of the bed they sleep at, preferred type of pillow, fragrance they would love for their stay, and many more such varied details. If used in the right way, this information can help you provide your guests’ with an amazing, one of a kind experience with your hotel.

Know how you can benefit:

1) Hyper-personalized guest experience - The level of guest satisfaction is directly proportional to the level of preferences that the hotel meet. Hotels can deliver a hyper-personalized guest experience by introducing some new-age hospitality-tech tool that not only helps you in maintaining the data but also allows you to capture important details through which you can know your guests’ preferences. As the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”, Your guests experiencing a fabulous stay based on their preferences will make their loyalty fall towards your hotel property.

2) Helps in effective planning - Right from planning a new festive menu to planning to upgrade hotel amenities, an already existing information bank can save you a lot of effort, time, and most importantly money. For example: If your hotel is already 70% booked for Christmas, by considering your guests’ food choices you can arrange for raw materials and other ingredients accordingly and reduce hotel’s wastage of food significantly. In the same way, if you know the majority of your guests prefer a bathrobe instead of a full-size towel in their washrooms, next time you can buy more bath robes instead of towels. It’s a great way to utilise your funds in the most optimum manner.

3) Send personalized offers - What better to propose to your guests than sending them personalized offers? Guests appreciate it when hotels offer them an array of curated services especially in the present era of cut throat competition. While they can choose who they would like to give their patronage to, they would love to choose the ones who meet their expectations in every manner. Sending personalized offers has another important benefit attached to it. It will help in increasing hotel’s revenue.

4) More up-sell opportunities - Upselling is a great way to make more revenue for hotels. If a hotel knows its guests’ preferences well, it becomes easier for them to offer an upgrade in terms of their room tariffs, service bookings etc. Preferences when met, lets guests’ enjoy what they are fond of by spending more time on exploring the hotels in turn generating more revenue.

Hence, the beauty of knowing your guests’ unique preferences allows you to increase your profits and guest satisfaction with just a great hospitality tech tool. Let us be your Christmas miracle! Our magical solution, Prefme Partner, has all your guests’ needs listed on one platform. A zero-capital expenditure hospitality tech tool, that allows you to mesmerize, delight, and retain your guests, cuz that’s what knowing your guests’ preferences does!

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