Learn to personalize the guest experience to create loyal customers

March 09, 2021

Today customers expect a higher level of personalization, but businesses still find it hard to convert data and insights into productive actions. In a study, it was found that more than 40% of loyalty marketers believe that personalizing experiences and packages is a challenging task.

Thankfully, personalizing guest experience is not as complicated as it seems. At the core, it needs you to know your guests better - something that is expected from business owners and marketers anyway.

Having said that, unless your hotel is a small property with a few rooms, it can be complex to personalize guest experience all on your own. Technology and experience need to come into action.

With the right hotel technology and industry experts, you can give your guests the experience they will always remember. Guest reviews and feedback play an important role in the ‘travelling’ community. With this in mind, let us have a look at a few suggestions to understand how you can personalize the guest experience and create loyal customers.

Know guest preferences with the top hotel app

Data and insights build the foundation for a completely personalized hotel experience. With the right hotel app, you can know all the details about the guest even before they check-in in your hotel. Apps like Prefme allow you to know to eat and stay preferences of your guests beforehand and plan their stay according to their needs and desires. With the app, the guests can share exactly what they would like to eat and drink and at what time of the day or night. Also, hotels can know the type of room that their guests are willing to stay in, right from the mattress and pillow choice to the floor level and fragrance. This means you will have all the data that is needed right at your fingertips.

Send pre and post-stay emails

As we are talking about moving towards adopting revolutionary technologies like AI, email remains the most effective client engagement tool. New technology in hotels makes it easier to send personalized pre-and post-stay emails. With preset templated getting reservation details and other information is easier to automatically trigger personalized emails to your guests. You can also use pre-arrival emails to provide room upgrades, upsell and improve ancillary revenue. Similarly, post-stay emails can assist in growing loyalty and getting valuable feedback from guests. It can be used to improve future stays.

Consider multilingual chats

Smooth communication is very important in hospitality, but as hotels welcome and service global guests sometimes communication becomes really challenging due to language barriers. Thankfully, now with the multilingual chat feature of top hotel apps like Prefme, your executives can easily communicate with your national and international guests in their native language without any chance of misunderstanding. Similarly, the hotel concierge app can assist in saving a handsome amount of money. Online check-ins, receptionless hotels are some common ways hotels can leverage the technology. Many of our partners have already adopted these set-ups and have been noticing happier guests and reduced operational expenses.

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