Level-up your guests’ experience in creative ways

March 11, 2022

Guests’ satisfaction is one of the most important pillars of the hospitality industry. Hoteliers are therefore always focused on providing the best experience to their guests. As they understand that it is paramount to keep the guests satisfied, they have been focusing upon providing quality services, hassle-free experience, and ensuring continuous assistance. However, with the changing pace, there are many creative ways that a hotel should explore in addition to these traditional methods. What are these? Keep reading folks!!!

1. Create a guest-centric atmosphere – This tip is a non-negotiator. For any hotel, big or small, it is important to focus on the guests and ensure that their needs are a top priority. By adopting a guest-first philosophy, you earn guests’ trust. With that, understanding the industry trends and guests’ immediate needs can help you stand out in the cutthroat competition and create a market standing. Any property that focuses more on guest interactions, their requirements, and preference ends up becoming guests' favorite in the hospitality industry. .

2. Plan guest experience strategy – It is a goal-setting process that hoteliers can plan and implement by understanding their guests’ behavior and motivation behind choosing your property. A well-planned strategy will help in improving guests’ pre-during-post stay experience. In order to entice a guest, it’s important to build a connection with them even before they arrive at the property. This can be established by sending information about the property that might serve their interest, some upgrade options, letting them book their experience(s) in advance, and so on.

While they are enjoying the property, you can provide them 24*7 assistance by staying connected, personalizing their stay, and taking care of their needs by going the extra mile. Even after they bid goodbye to your property, you can still keep on sending them updates and invites of the events that are in line with their interests. Overall, strategizing in advance always helps hoteliers deliver a satisfactory experience to their guests.

3. Focus more on personalization - In a survey, about 80% of respondents agreed that personalization is a crucial component of a hotel's strategy. Around 54% said their hotels are prioritizing and investing in personalization tactics and 81% said personalized guest experiences will be an imperative driver of financial performance for years to come. And the best part is that there are various tech tools available that let hotels personalize the guest experience based on their preferences, liking, and disliking. Personalized guest experience is what will assist in distinguishing your property and creating reliable guest relations that result in guests retention, improved reputation, and increased profits.

4. Use hotel tech to your advantage - Hotel tech has been a blessing for the hoteliers in optimizing the efficiency of their hotel staff, reducing overall cost, helping in multitasking, and in staying connected with guests. This further increases the revenues, profit margins, and return on investments across all platforms. Also, upgrading to the latest hospitality technology is the only way to meet the changed demands of guests, their expectations, and the industry, as a whole.

As you were reading through these creative ways of improving your guest experience, one thing that we can surely say now is that it’s vital to gain a comprehensive understanding of your guests. That being the key, we bring to you Prefme Partner. A smart hospitality tech that assists your hotels in identifying guest patterns, their choices, and discovering insightful actions. Incorporating Prefme Partner will let you take your hotel operations digital, right from check-in to checkout. Explore more with us, book a free demo now.

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