Predictive Analysis: Leveraging data to give hotels a competitive edge

March 22, 2022
Getting to grips with guest data is a great way for the hospitality industry to enhance its experience. Satisfied guests are sure to return and spread a good word about the property they have visited, which in turn can fetch hotels more and more guests. Guest behaviour and interaction in the past can now be recorded to predict better outcomes in the future for guest retention. This phenomenon is famously known as Predictive Analysis. Predictive Analysis is basically sourcing data from the right source, to be used as a sure shot tool for avoiding risks in business and enhancing sales and revenue. Here in this blog, we deal with ways and means, hotels, resorts, and other guest properties can leverage data from predictive analysis to their advantage.

1) Targeting the right Market- Hotels cater to everyone, right from a honeymooner, a business executive, to a family on a budget holiday. For better retention and increased revenue, Guest data can help hotels target apt market content, more so, can work on targeting the right person at the right time and at the right location. This can be achieved by great strategies who’s base can be made through the data analysis predictions, and can be applied through online or offline marketing.

2) Preventing Guest Churn- Guest retention adds great value to the hotels and is therefore important. Predictive analysis empowers hotels to retain existing guests by providing accurate data that helps in keeping them satisfied. Hotels build up strategies and take necessary steps in order to provide the best services, experiences, and guest retention, which with the help of Predictive Analysis will be a task well done. Hotels have been trying to get guests more via direct bookings rather than OTA’s, now they have come to know exactly why a guest was dissatisfied and can rectify the issue. Fixing something simple like a specific room amenity requirement, to anything that the guest might throw at the hotel out of the blue, hotels can prep themselves better now!

3) Personalised guest experience- This can be as varied as the guests themselves. Spicy to non-spicy, vegetarian to non-vegetarian, a soft pillow to a hard one, there are innumerable details that shouldn’t go unnoticed. A holiday or even a business visit can be a very personal thing. Every guest wishes to be pampered and returns to a hospitality provider who is able to satisfy his or her needs. Right from the moment the guests check-in to the time they leave, their experiences can be recorded and this data can help hotels design services accordingly.

4) Predicting Inventory and other tie-ups- Analyzing the guests’ data is a great way to improvise already existing services or add new ones. Some things like gym equipment become obsolete with time and predictive analysis can assist you in replacing it. Not just this, hotels can make informed decisions on other tie-ups like taxi services, bars, and OTAs.

So, if you’re looking to do any or all of the above, Prefme Partner can be a solution when it comes to predictive analysis. A fully automated tech-enabled guest-experience platform, Prefme Partner gives the hotel extensive data of guests’ particularly the eat and stay preferences. Along with this, the hotels can also keep a tab on a particular guests’ spending and history to learn in advance about their behaviour. Not just this, the platform allows you to let your guests take advantage of web check-in/out, multilingual chat, service bookings, in-room dining, and a lot more. Wish to explore, book a free demo now!

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