Make the most of this festive season with the right hotel tech

November 23, 2021

As Christmas and New Year are round the corner, hotels have already started to plan how they are going to make the most of this festive season and how best they will capitalize the increased demand. As competition for hotel bookings this year is at an all-time high, it's imperative for every hotel to stand out.

How best can you do this? Well, by taking your hotel operations digital along with focusing on the current guest demands can help you deal with the seasonal rush in a smoother way.

Here is how introducing the right tech can help you and your hotel this festive season:

1) More direct bookings- None of us is unaware of the way OTA’s work. What if we tell you, you don’t have to share your revenues with them anymore? How? By joining hands with a hospitality tech solution. Yes, this is true. Various hospitality tech platforms allow you to showcase your property and other amenities alongside letting your travelers make a direct booking with you. Isn’t it great that with direct bookings, the hotel's acquisition cost per guest also goes down, in turn maximizing your revenue scale for each booking you get.

Hope you feel christmassy already!!!

2) Reduced touchpoints- It’s been a year of safe travels and hygiene-first approach (thanks to COVID-19) for all the travelers. Chances of travelers finalizing their stay with your property goes higher when they know you fall under such a category. Right from web check-in with mobile keys to in-room dining followed with a web check-out, empowering your guests to perform everything via their smartphones has proven sound in eliminating as many touch points as possible. Especially, during times like these, when hotels would be thronged by guests, having an easy to comprehend hotel tech platform in place can be a blessing.

P.S. You can also manage and declutter your front desk with the use of such hotel tech and maintain the Christmas feels within your staff as well!!!

3) Promote seasonal offers via push notifications- Have you decided upon the new Christmas menu as yet? Offering your guests a free eggnog with every booking they make for your Christmas eve event in advance? Then why not let your guests know this through a targeted push notification? With a great hotel tech platform you can now send offers and promote your events and attract more guests.

Don’t forget to drive in revenues via push notifications and let your guests spend some time and explore your property this Christmas!!!

4) Smart guest experience- In the era of personalised services, hoteliers can ensure being a part of this culture by deploying a tech platform that allows their hotels to see varied guests’ preferences. Knowing your guest preferences make it easy for the hotels to deliver an unforgettable personalised experience. Just not that, but if a hotel knows its guests’ eat, stay, and other preferences in advance, it acts as an added advantage in managing the inventory smartly during this busy season and utilising the saved money in putting a more santa coming feels to their hotels!!!

5) Stay connected through chat- If the guests’ experience is hampered during the festive time, it might spoil their experience with your property forever. To avoid this, a chat feature can be of real help. For your staff as well as guests, it will be a blessing. With a chat feature your guest can stay connected with your staff throughout their journey and at the same time your staff can smartly handle the guests’ queries and keep a record of their conversation with them. This will reduce the chances of errors and gives guests a feeling of personalised touch.

And who doesn’t like some extra attention!!!

Don’t you think that “this is it!” But with these above highlighted points, your hotel can be this season's most preferred property by travelers’ and you know what’s the best part about this? These benefits come with a zero capital expenditure.

Grab these benefits with Prefme Partner- the new age hospitality tech solution! With Prefme Partner your property can bag direct bookings, send personalized push notifications, chat in multiple languages, see guests’ preferences, offer web check-in/out, book experiences, in-room dining, etc. Facilitate your guests’ during this festive season with the ultimate luxury of personalisation and contactless travel.

So, why wait, book a free demo with us now to explore more!

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