Marketing strategies that will help your hotel stay afloat

August 10, 2021

Marketing has always been of paramount importance. With the change in time and need of the market, the strategies have taken a big shift over the years. Developing a hotel marketing strategy, now of all the times, is required. In these turbulent times, internet is the go to person. From choosing what to wear to choosing which hotel or property to choose for trips, a guest relies on your social presence.

To survive in these tough times as well as in the highly competitive industry, it is essential for the hotels to equip themselves with modern hotel marketing strategies that can help them sail through these times and at the same time, attract new potential customers. We bring to you a few strategies that would assist! So, let’s dive in!!

To attract more customers to your hotel and boost your bookings and revenue,

1. Replace calls with chat-based services!

The travellers of this age are tech-savvy and demand high personalisation standards while they travel. Looking at this stat, hotels must employ chat-based services, where the queries, guest requests can be solved in real time. Not just this, but providing these technologically ahead clients with the best services will drive more guests to your property as they are the generation that likes to share everything on the internet space.

Here is where we come in handy!

Prefme Partner provides a multilingual chat feature. Bridge the gap between your guests and hotel staff while speaking the language of your guests. With Prefme Partner, converse with your guests in about 128 languages. Capture their attention and win their hearts with your uncanny hospitality.

2. Reward your guests with loyalty programs!

It is a known fact that loyalty or reward programs are quite common in the hospitality industry and they attract repeated guests. A study shows that about 79% of consumers choose to stay with a hotel property only when they feel that the brand cares and understands their individual needs.

Well, Prefme Partner lets you issue digital loyalty cards to your guests within minutes. The guests don’t have to carry the plastic reward/loyalty cards anymore, they can use their benefits as and when, since they have everything they require on their smartphones. On the other hand, hotels need not spend a fortune on plastic cards or paper vouchers additionally. This will reduce the operational costs and also provide guests with ultimate satisfaction of utilizing their rewards in time. Simultaneously it’s a step towards sustainable living.

3. Know your guests to provide personalized attention!

Personalization has been the new cool in the hospitality industry for quite some time. It has become a trend. For providing the best personalised services to your guests, knowing your customers is a must. The customer insights are crucial for such campaigns.

The success of any hotel depends on the guests’ review and perception about the hotel based on the experience that they had with their Pre-During-Post stay. If they find faults, they are not afraid of sharing that with other customers, online or via mouth publicity.

By the way, Prefme Partner can help you gather all the information you need to know about your guests. The hotels can access their eat, stay and fly preferences and can use this information to provide an exceptional and personalized digital guest experience.

So, now that you know how much Prefme Partner can help you at each step, still waiting for more reasons?! Schedule a free demo with us and we will assist you to increase your hotel revenue as well as direct bookings and take it to a whole new level! Get in touch now!

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