Meeting guests’ expectations made easier with a targeted approach

November 16, 2021

As the hotel industry gears up to revive after the COVID-19 hit, guest satisfaction has become more important. And the key to meet the guests ‘expectations today, with or without the use of technology is a target-based approach. Audience segmentation is one of the strategies that allows hoteliers to make better decisions by understanding all the factors that influence guests' purchasing behaviours.

Listed below are a few tips that can help hoteliers adopt a qualitative and target-based approach to achieve maximum guest satisfaction.

1) Share only relevant information - Audience segmentation helps hoteliers control the information that is shared with the guests. Since every guest has a limited span of attention, it is imperative that the hoteliers utilise that attention wisely and promote only the relevant information. For example - a business traveler should receive notifications and offers relevant to his needs and requirements. Likewise, leisure travelers should get offers that will add on to their journey and travel experience.

2) Right audience, right timing - Clear, relevant, and appropriate communication is the key to guest loyalty and increased hotel good will. Tapping into the right guest segment at the right time, right place is what helps hotels increase their revenue and get more customers.

Along with the kind of promotions and marketing gimmicks the hotels opt for, the timing plays an important role. Rightly placing your advertisements, to the right audience at the right time will influence their decision making thereby increasing the chances of bookings and upsell opportunities.

3) Higher revenue - Segmentation in the longer run can improve a hotel’s revenue strategies as it helps hoteliers identify the guest behaviour and the consumption trends. Obtaining a deeper understanding of each segment allows hoteliers to create more opportunities for additional guest spend relevant to each booking type, demographic, or booking duration.

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