Millennial travel trends that influence use of technology

November 02, 2021

Technology has changed how we have a lot more access to everything in a lot less time. Millennials are actually the ones who have experienced the best of both the worlds- one before the technological era and the other one with it. But now generation Y is on the move and has a different travel behavior than what the generations before them had. Well, you can’t ignore the fact that they represent the largest generation to date and are the ones who hold the largest spending capacity when it comes to travelling. And this is the reason millennials are reshaping how travel works. So, here are a few changes that millennial travelers are driving within the hospitality and travel industry.

Technology centric travel plans- Millennials who also happen to be ‘digital natives’ rely on technology for almost everything. And when it comes to travel specifically, digital technology plays a huge role. The most significant demands of these trends is that they are driving demand for mobile capabilities. The vast majority of millennial travel is researched and booked on mobile right from the flights to accommodations and conveyance. And the best part is the industry is responding to this demand by adopting technological advancements at as many levels as possible. The hotels now have started to deploy technology that can make this tech-reliant generation’s experience a contactless journey at all the stages of travel- pre-during-post.

Always experimenting- Mobile technology's growth and use in the travel and hospitality industry isn't just a travel trend; it's also a major driver of other travel habits. According to a study, 44% of millennial travelers actually prefer staying in the shared-economy accommodations which in turn forces the travel managers and hoteliers to bring in deeper integration into travel programs for companies that provide these travelers smart solutions.

Preferences matter- Millennial travel is motivated by the idea that be it a business trip or a trip taken for leisure, both of them should be based on the traveler's preferences. Preferences drive satisfaction and deliver valuable experiences. Based on a study, 75% of millennials seek travel experiences that involve learning something new. And many travelers take advantage of technology to explore and add new experiences in life. They prefer going to a place where their preferences are taken care of because they would rather enjoy themselves than being busy explaining their likes or dislikes.

So, what do these millennial travel trends mean to you? In a lot of ways, you may already be adapting to these different millennial travel behaviors. Keeping that in mind, the improved traveler service and satisfaction desired by many travelers of this generation can also lead to improved performance and compliance. And how your property can become more travel-focused for millennials has an easy solution to it- Prefme Partner. Prefme is a touchless, seamless, and zero-expenditure solution that also allows you to see your guests’ eat, stay, and fly preferences. Like to know how efficient the platform is, connect with us now for a free demo.

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