Mobile Keys - Unlocking the future of hospitality tech

July 28, 2021

The hospitality industry trends are changing at a rapid pace. Mobile technology is becoming the center of the latest hotel technology trends and is swiftly modernizing operations and intensifying guest expectations.

Can you believe, our smartphones can unlock hotel doors now! Indeed a lot can be done with our smartphones and smartphone as a hotel room key is an absolute bliss.This is certainly a technology trend in the hospitality industry to look forward to.

We, at Prefme Partner, are so delighted to share that your hotels and resorts can also provide access through a Mobile Key to your guests for enhanced experience without any additional capital expenditure. So, if you are thinking about “How to improve guest experience in a hotel?” All you have to do is reach out to us for a demo and that’s all!

All that you need to know about “Mobile Keys”

The tech used to convert a smartphone into a Mobile key is quite simple. When a smartphones’ Bluetooth or NFC (near field communication) technology is turned on, that device turns into a hotel room key. In simple words, just “SWITCH ON'' your bluetooth and voila! Here is your access to your hotel room!

Mobile keys work best when integrated with innovative software solutions to automate room key delivery for an efficient, secure, contactless, safe, and modern check-in process that elevates the guest experience. Hence, it is always recommended to use mobile keys with such solutions.

Prefme Partner is the innovative solution!

Prefme Partner is a 360 degree hospitality tech solution that helps hotels and resorts to keep up with the changing technology trend. With Prefme, hotels and resorts can feature themselves all across the globe to attract avid travelers.

Using our innovative features let guests enjoy access to their rooms through mobile key, order in-room dining, chat with hotel staff anytime, place any service request, and much more. This is just one side of the coin. The other side provides benefits to hoteliers like increased direct bookings and access to guests’ in-depth eat and stay preferences. Such information will add five stars to hotels/resorts’ reviews as these details will assist in providing personalized in-room amenities, ambience, and meals for making guests stay magnificent.

Mobile keys will give hotels & resorts an edge!

Ranging from convenience, efficiency, contactless services to effective and sustainable solutions, Mobile Key tech opens several advantages for both hotels and guests.

Eradicate the necessity of managing keycards.

With Mobile Key technology, not just the check-in process is amped but also the overall guest experience. Automation for access management is possible much more efficiently and with effective operations.

And of course! No guest will forget their phone, unlike key cards!

Are sustainable and cost effective.

Though, magstripe keycards are cheap but are prone to demagnetization and therefore hoteliers are driven towards RFID (radio-frequency identification) keycard systems, which by the way, are very expensive. Mobile keys fit just right! Mobile keys give a positive return in comparison to RFID.

When we consider the environmental cost that both magstripe and RFID plastic key cards have, it’s striking to see that, statistically speaking, about 12,000 keycards are disposed of every year by a 200 (approx) room size hotel. The mobile key technology drastically reduces environmental footprint and is preferred by eco-conscious travelers.

Trend alert! Eco-conscious travel is on a rise!

The usage of smartphones is changing the way we see the world, as we are using our phones for almost everything. It has become an integral part of our lives. The mobile keys are slowly yet steadily becoming mainstream since it elevates the guest experience and saves hoteliers time. On top of everything, it is a step closer to controlling hotels' impact on the environment at large.

So, take a step, reach out to us and book a demo! For more information write to us at

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