Modern Hospitality Tech Promises A Bright Future For Travel & Hotels!

June 01, 2021

The vaccination drive has taken a highway and is moving with full speed across the nation and world over. Travellers all over the world are craving to get back to travel soon, however, they want to keep their experiences guarded and safe. The international medical community has hit a landmark with vaccines turning out to be around 90% effective. This sudden development has triggered a wave of euphoria in the travel and hospitality community and amongst frequent travellers too. The world was on the verge of a meltdown and now every heart is filled with hope and dreams of sunny white-sand beach escapades and mountain excursions.

Research Confirms A Soon-To-Be-Coming Travel Boom!

Though things look favourable in the due course of time, the new normal is here to stay and guests would definitely remain cautious while planning their travel itineraries in 2021. However, guests are willing to travel and experience something new because now the vaccine will be their shield. A recent study found out that – 95% of people spent time “looking for vacation inspiration” during lockdown! The numbers are huge and hotels need to stay prepared to cater to the high demand ahead while keeping up with the social distancing norms and offering contactless stays.

How Contactless Hotel Tech Boosts Guest Confidence & Hotel Bookings!

If you’re of the mindset that contactless experiences wouldn’t be given much precedence people get vaccinated then you’re wrong. A vaccine is only a precautionary step to avoid Covid-19 and make its effects milder and survivable – but it doesn’t guarantee a 100% defense against the virus. The guards that people have been living with will ease-out, their emotional fears would diminish, but that doesn’t mean that precautionary measures to stay contactless can be done away with! Guests would expect minimal physical touchpoints in hotels and more contactless digital access to services. Some important statistics that have surfaced recently –

84% of travellers say Tech would increase their confidence to travel in 2021 by addressing concerns like mixing with crowds, social distancing, and physical touchpoints.

63% say they want hotels to use “The Latest Tech” to ensure safety!

42% of travellers cite contactless and mobile payments the key to reducing incidences of physical contact.

The adoption of digital payments and contactless delivery of services has skyrocketed due to the pandemic. Not only going digital brings safety but it is also a lot more convenient!

About Prefme Partner

Prefme Partner is the best-in-class hospitality technology for luxury hotels in the current and post COVID-19 times to provide a safe, seamless, and hyper-personalized guest experience. It helps hotels to differentiate their hospitality and engage guests digitally before, during, and after their stay. Thus, creating a single tech solution for all hotel needs and empowering guests with only one app to communicate their eating and staying preferences to any hotel around the world. This gives hospitality partners the chance to customize the minutest of things for the guests, from bed and pillow type to minibar contents and room fragrance, from every meal consumed to infotainment channels streamed in the room. This novel concept is the most tech-friendly solution that helps to make travel and stays completely contactless, safe, and seamless. Moreover, you can get all this without any capital expenditure. A win-win for both, you and your guests. So, contact us now to get started!

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