Multilingual Chats- New way to faster communications

September 14, 2021

Live chat with guests has now become more of a mandatory feature for hotels than just a feature for added convenience. It is actually a phase where travellers look for a contactless guest experience. And it has been made simpler with Prefme’s Multilingual chat feature which enables guests to do so by contacting the hotel staff directly for a series of requests like making a booking at the restaurant, requesting for in-room dining, clearance, checkout, etc. Earlier guests used to use the hotel room phones for all these requests but now people are reluctant in using phones that have been used by many guests already and prefer their own devices.

Well, on the one hand where this medium maximizes guest’s convenience on the other hand it’s a great feature for hotels too. Being in direct touch with the guests helps the hotel in improving processes by using messaging to carry out multiple operations. This also builds a kind of direct connection between them. It also saves a lot of time and the chat feature can be a blessing for properties that operate with a leaner staff. Chats help hotels meet higher guest expectations and improve their overall satisfaction for that particular stay.

Prefme’s Multilingual Chat makes guests’ experience seamless

As the name suggests, this feature allows its user to chat in multiple languages. With Prefme, hotels also have an option to send prepared answers for quick and prompt communication. Not only this, the hotels and app users can also exchange photos, share locations, send voice notes, and translate texts for better and effective conversation. To avoid delays and miscommunication the hotel can even link the concerned person to the existing chat thread in order to keep them in the loop for taking care of guests’ requests.

While hoteliers have introduced this feature as a necessity during the crisis but now this is undoubtedly solving a lot of issues at the hotel and guest front. So, what are you waiting for, here’s another reason why Prefme, a hotel app is a must-have solution to many hospitality related issues, schedule a demo now!

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