Personalized guest experience - Importance of pre, during, and post-stay

March 18, 2021

Creating memorable guest experiences is all about details and hotels have always emphasized offering personalized experiences even before digital technology was introduced. This is the reason why loyalty programs exist. So, be it loyalty programs of long ago or the latest artificial intelligence - the intentions are the same: provide impeccable levels of service, accommodate preferences and needs and create memorable experiences that attract guests to come back and stay at your property over and over again.

The rise of loyalty clubs and points programs usually makes businesses ignore the fact that understanding and taking care of a valued guest may mean something different for every guest. Offering free stays or upgrades can be useful in keeping customers happy, but these practices are far from personalized.

Proper attention to guest’s preferences- like giving them their preferred room with the city view – can play an integral role in higher bookings and increased profits. Industry experts in the hospitality and travel sectors are recognizing this fact, and they are acting on it.

Why focus on guest experience?

In a survey, 8 out of 10 respondents agreed that personalization is crucial to their hotel’s strategy. Around 54% said their companies are placing a high priority on investing in personalization tactics and 81% said personalized guest experiences will be an imperative driver of financial performance for years to come.

But is personalization actually a new strategy to ensure guest delight or is it just an updated term to describe a digitally enabled form of old-school client relationship management? The latest concept of digital guest personalization dates back to the nineties, but at that time it was defined in a simpler way of changing your services toward a particular guest depending on what a guest tells you and what other information or details you know about that guest.

Whether personalization is a brand new strategy or a tried and tested technique, it is certainly an amazing tactic to please and satisfy customers. The modern ways require identifying your guest segments, differentiating among them, interacting with them, and customizing your services and amenities to fit their needs.

Personalization- Pre, During, and Post Stay

In the 90s, guest treatment was more of a responsibility of concierges and front desk managers, but today grand hotels and airlines serve thousands of guests and thus need a better solution. This is where a hotel app can help your property excel. The idea is to cater to your guests’ unique needs throughout the process - even before they make the booking, when they are staying in your hotel, and after the checkout.

Pre - By segmenting your guests into different groups, you can attract new guests with a personalized guest experience that caters to their unique needed. Some guests will love that you provide contactless check-in through an app while others will be delighted by a relaxing spa session, so customize your messages to reflect that. When it comes to serving repeat clients, a hotel app eliminates the need to tell their preferences every time they book with you.

During - Look for ways and methods that will make your guests’ stay fun, easy, and worth sharing with their friends. Look for ways to streamline your operations and technology upgrades to support these initiatives. When you begin with what guests want, you will notice that everything else follows.

Post - Constantly building upon a guest’s experience is important. Follow up with tailored emails or ask them to review your hotel after the stay. Collecting guest reviews is the primary step, but what comes after is working on that feedback that improves their future experiences. Hotel apps make collecting guest reviews super easy.

Personalized guest experience is what will assist in distinguishing your property and creating reliable guest relations that result in more return guests, improved reputation, and increased profits.

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