Room inventory management for better occupancy

October 26, 2021
Hotel rooms are one of the most efficient sources of revenue for hoteliers. And this makes room inventory management a vital task. While this task may seem small and insignificant to many, it holds a substantial impact on guests as well as your operations and profitability. Efficient room allocation also helps staff manage room changes and guests’ demands both at the same time. Here are a few tips that can help you manage room allocation well and achieve a good occupancy rate:

1) Study booking sources- Every hotel has different online and offline sources from where they get the bookings. You can make a master sheet of the business that these platforms generate for you and then distribute the inventory accordingly to gain maximum profits. However, these strategies can always be reworked upon depending on their performances.

2) Prioritize what guests want- First and foremost, room allocation influences guest satisfaction. Ensure while assigning a room you always consider your guests’ demands and preferences at large and allot the best-suited room and meet all their expectations.

3) Dedicate time in segmentation- On one side when you are focusing on booking sources, on the other side knowing your type of guests is also important. If your hotel is more preferred by corporates then you have to allocate more inventory to partnered organizations and if your property is more of leisure then your focus should be on getting families and larger groups. Travel agents can help you a great deal in getting more such guests and in this way, you can achieve a higher occupancy rate.

4) Make technology an ally- When technology has been a solution to all our problems, how did you think we wouldn’t have a technical solution to room inventory management? Nowadays there are various tools available that ease out updating inventory, showcasing room pictures, and managing other things. While opting for this solution consider these facts: how user-friendly the platform is, whether it involves easy set up or big investment, and how efficient would it be among other available options.

Prefme is one of these widely preferred hospitality tech solutions that provides you an option of doing it all with zero capital expenditure and integrates with your existing tools.

The easy and simple process to manage your room inventory makes it an ideal platform. What more? Get on a free consultation call with us and learn how hospitality technology can help you flourish and excel your hotel business.

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