Stay Prepared For Revenge Travel That Is Here To Stay For Years!

June 08, 2021

After numerous lockdowns and countless travel restrictions, people around the world have a pent-up restlessness to break the monotony and get back to travel again. There is a rise in the travel itch and people want to make up for the time they’ve lost during the pandemic. Revenge Travel is no buzzword anymore, it’s the real surge in the demand that international hotels are witnessing now.

Carolyne Doyon, president and CEO of Club Med North America and the Caribbean. “Since the end of 2020, we have seen a large increase in family reunion bookings for the 2021–2022 holiday season, with a 17% increase compared to the 2019 holiday season. This shows us that families are really looking forward to reconnecting after so much time spent apart.”

Over 70% of Americans have summer travel plans and the rise in the availability of the vaccine has made it safer to travel again, giving hoteliers new avenues of growth and more bookings. However, hotels need to make sure they’re ready to welcome guests and benefit from this new trend of Revenge Travel. So, here’s what can hotels do to stay prepared and keep the new age travellers satisfied –

Planting the seed of engagement and easy direct bookings

Web & mobile app hospitality tech is the new game-changer powering contactless guest communication and personalized engagement. Hotels can improve conversions and also get repeat business through targeted interest-based notifications which are linked to the insights from Smart Analytics. Additionally, it is easier now to bypass OTA commissions by getting listed on global hospitality platforms that attract a host of travellers from all over the world and allow easy direct room bookings from the hotel website.

Rethink the guest experience to make it seamless & personalized

Offering a seamless and personalized experience can make your hospitality shine. The best way is to adopt a modern hotel tech that minimizes the physical touchpoints such as the reception and front-desk, brochures, restaurant menus, in-room guest books and other paperwork. Make your hotel stays effortless and safer by digitizing the entire guest journey, showcasing all hotel information at one place, and personalizing the in-room experience and meals based on preferences. You can earn brownie points by letting your guests book services like spa, dining, yoga & more before arrival and also cash in higher revenues through upselling opportunities that a mobile platform provides.

Switching to greener & sustainable options

A Neilson study revealed that over 50% of Baby Boomers and over 75% percent of younger generations are willing to pay more for greener options. The cosmopolitan international consumer is more climate-conscious and they choose brands that are environmentally safe and sustainable. This trend is growing and trickling down to towns and suburbs. The modern digital hotel tech replaces all paperwork – Brochures, pamphlets, check-in/out forms, printed compendiums, travel guides, food menu, everything – And takes it digitally on guests’ smartphones. We are in 2021 and now most people want everything on their mobile.

Guest safety is indeed a big competitive advantage

Keeping the interactions contactless and ensuring guests’ safety can bring huge rewards for your hotel. From contactless mobile check-in/out to ordering food in rooms using the digital menu and making payments via the app – these can help your hotel to live up to the new normal expectations of the travellers and keep you prepared for the Revenge Travel surge. We all are aware by now that vaccines are not a sure-fire antidote against COVID-19 and so contactless hospitality tech is a must for hotels to move ahead in these unpredictable times and reap benefits for years to come!

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