The beginning of the new era of Regenerative Travel

July 06, 2021

It is said that we humans recover best from the stress of our daily lives when our minds are drawn towards the natural environment. That means, when we connect with nature, it is then when we truly feel stress-free. Isn’t it right? Whenever a person feels stressed, overburdened or is in a situation where he/she feels worn out, they plan a holiday. The holiday for them is a break from their stressful life. They intend to search for places that are peaceful and end up choosing a place close to nature.

In the recent past, the entire world has witnessed changes that no one ever thought of. With that in mind, some questions that need attention are, “How do we Rethink and reinvent the hospitality industry for the coming future?” “How can travel be improved to do less harm and more meaningful good?” “How can travel contribute to improving the environment and climate change?”

To all these questions, a common answer is “Regenerative Travel”. Regenerative travel or regenerative tourism means leaving a place in a better state than you found it. This concept talks about following practices that will reverse climate change. Yes, no kidding! When we say we are going “Green” we mean we will do less damage, when we say we are “sustainable” we mean we are in the neutral state and when we say “regenerative” we mean we are actually putting efforts to make an impact on the environment, towards betterment.

Regenerative Travel is trending in the media and also grasping attention in the hospitality industry in 2021. With each passing day, hoteliers' interest is increasing in this sector. Hoteliers are learning and understanding the concept as well as ways in which they can adopt regenerative practices.

Travel and tourism has the ability to stimulate transformation and every hotel can be a part in encouraging these changes so that the travellers can engage, learn, and interact with not only people but place and community. With this intention set, the coming era is the era of “regeneration”, the solution to reverse the ill effects caused and endeavour to replenish and repair the harm caused to the environment and communities.

How can we start thinking about regenerative travel?

Just by taking a simple step towards saving energy, recycling, reducing pollution etc. Regenerative Travel aims to at least give the guests the chance to meet and connect with the people and place and the impact of this connection to stay with them. This way the people will not only contribute to the place they are visiting but also will take the learning and habits with them forever wherever they go.

How will Prefme Partner be of help?

Prefme Partner provides you a platform where hotels can list themselves and showcase that they are hotels having environmental and social impact to the travelers. With Prefme Partner, hotels can easily share information that shows how a particular hotel is giving back to the local communities and the ecosystem. Not just this, but hotels can bid goodbyes to plastic loyalty cards, room keys, and can save paper by going digital with Prefme Partner. The best part of all this is these services are available at zero capital expenditure. A win-win solution for both the hotel and the environment.
So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us for further information.

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